Shipping Information


Why is Priority shipping the default shipping type?
The two cheapest forms of shipping inside the USA for a magazine with advertisements in it are PRIORITY MAIL and GROUND (Parcel Post). At the weight of a single magazine, these two services cost about the same, and Priority Mail is much faster.

Why are your shipping costs so high inside the United States?

The postal service recently raised their prices yet again, but they still cheaper than other shippers like FedEx or UPS. The online shopping cart sometimes overestimates the weight of a package with multiple magazines and, thus, sometimes overcharges the shipping cost. I watch these orders and refund part of the shipping cost if an overcharge happened.

How much of a charge do you add for Packaging and Handling?
I do not charge for packaging or handling.

Why don’t you offer MEDIA MAIL shipping?
Publications that contain advertisements legally cannot be shipped via MEDIA MAIL. Yes, some  sellers do ship via MM, but these packages are liable to be opened en route by the postal service and the package will arrive with significant postage due. I would consider it a failing on my part if my customers had to pay extra postage and their package was delayed.

I don’t need it quickly, is there a cheap – slow shipping type available?

The only “Cheaper – Slower” shipping method available inside the USA is GROUND (Parcel Post) and that choice is available when checking out via the online shopping cart. For a single magazine, Ground is usually not significantly cheaper than Priority Mail. As the weight of the package increases, Ground sometimes becomes enough cheaper to be worth the delay.  You can choose Ground if you want.

Do you use Priority Flat Rate boxes?
Yes, I do use Priority Flat Rate containers whenever the cost is lower. This shipping option is generally built into the shipping price structure already.  If there are significant savings over the shipping amount you paid, I refund the savings to you.


How quickly will my order be shipped?
I generally ship within 24 hours of receiving your order if you pay by card or Paypal. If you pay by Paypal eCheck or via mailed check or money order, your order will be shipped when I receive the payment. I will email you when your order is shipped and you will receive a tracking number.

How will my purchase be packed?
I package professionally : all magazines are in archival polypropylene storage bags and are shipped in a stiff, flat container.

What are the shipping charges?
The order form will ask for your shipping destination and then will give you several choices for shipping with a price for each.

Do you ship outside of the United States?
We ship only to Canada outside the USA.

I couldn’t figure out how to enter separate “ship to” information and I want the magazine to go to someone else.
Just send me an email right away with the “Ship to” information you want and the name used for the order.
This is a small business and I can make sure that your order is processed correctly.