LOOK Magazine – September 7, 1954 – Clark Gable


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Clark Gable and his dog.

– New miracles to save your heart, heart catheterization, 12-year-old Bettiemae, article mentions sprinkling exposed heart with asbestos – some very crude things were done in this year, one of the photos is Bill Clark (see follow-up story in LOOK February 8, 1955).
– What shall I tell my child about sex?, Child Study Association of America.
– Why the Brooklyn Dodgers miss Charlie Dressen, baseball manager.
– A big feature on Clark Gable, his life in photos.
– Full page Champion Spark plugs ad with Jim Kimberly, race car driver.
– A new word card game, Bali, like solitaire but with letters.
– LOOK Magazine applauds Reverend Ignatius C. Spenner, St. Michael’s Church in Central City, Nebraska.
– Mrs. James Fielding Lewis, Jr. throws a party dinner for 1,200 people, Gold Baton Ball.
– Leo Rosten writes about the fear over communism and how it may be destroying our freedom.
– Full page Bell Telephone ad with Carolyn F. Gross in Berlin, New Jersey.
– The population of Houston, Texas hits one million, photos include Bob Smith and his bull, Buster Keeton, Jesse Andrews, Joseph Evans, W. P. Allen, Nancy Schmidt, Sue Trammell, William Whitfield.
– Can the Republican party be rescued?
– Fashion, the Jumper (most look like dresses).
– An odd article on baths including the Sunburn bath.
– Nice full page Texaco Havoline motor oil ad with diver Marshall Wayne.
– You think better after a good breakfast, different kinds of sample meals.
– The Flying tigers can do it again, by General Claire Chennault, American Volunteer Air Group.
– Rather funny full page Seven-up ad with farm family, all the men in matching clothes, light blue shirt and overalls.