LOOK Magazine – September 3, 1968 – Mexico Feature


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Woman in a bikini and hammock, Mexico feature.

– Looking Around with Gloria Steinem.
– Robert S. McNamara writes about the arms race and the controversy over antiballistic missiles in “Under the Shadow of the Bomb.”
– Portrait of “Durable Dick Daley,” mayor of Chicago.
– Full page DeBeers diamond ad with “Changing World” portrait tableau by Ronald Stein (different than the usual paintings they commission for these ads).
– Journey to Mexico on the eve of the Olympics, 17 pages of color photos ranging from beach resorts to bullfights.
– Green Bay Diary part 2, “The $25,000 block,” excerpt from book by Jerry Kramer and Dick Schaap.
– Portrait of Janis Joplin, “Big Brother’s White Soul,” lots of photos, 3 pages.
– Movie Review, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.”
– Designer boutiques boom in Paris, Regional M pages.
– Full page U.S. Mail ad advocates use of Zip Codes to prevent Snail Mail.
– 300-400 school strikes expected in 1968-1969, “Our Angry Teachers.”