LOOK Magazine – September 27, 1949 – Harvard University


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Harvard Student, Aristocrat of Universities, Joan Vohs (name given in LOOK November 8, 1949)

– Nice electric factory women illustration by Bingham in ad for Western Electric.
– Sculptor Jose De Creeft, carves stone statues without models.
– A Woman President? Vincent Sheean tells how it could happen.
– Movie Star Van Johnson goes home to Newport Rhode Island, Mrs Peter Spaekman, Charley Johnson, Alice Higbee.
– Hat Revolution by John Frederics designs new women’s hats, lots of goofy look.
– Neat Full Color ad for Old Gold cigarettes with Carved Indian Statue and P Lorillard Company established 1760.
– The Case Against Wire Tapping by James Lawrence Fly, former FCC chairman talks about why it is a bad idea.
– Peter Arno, Sophisticated Cartoonist, New Yorker illustrator at home and at play, several reproductions of some of his classic cartoons.
– Were you ever on the brink of death? Jack Winocour tells about his experience.
– Teen Age Columnist, Pat White writes Teen Pan Alley for the New Jersey Courier-Post.
– Jackie Robinson, baseball player of the year, Tim Cohane – nice photos of him at home and on the field with Commissioner Chandler, Joe DiMaggio and Kathleen Dugan.
– Alice Faye and Phil Harris, Radio’s Happy Family,  fourth season for this popular radio show.
– US Marines use “flying banana” helicopter (HRP-1) to move troops around the battlefield, cool action shots.
– Harvard University feature, President James Bryant Conant, great photos of the grounds, Earnest A Hooton, Helen M Cam, Edwin J Cohn, Arthur L Valpey, Dean Donald K David.
– Arlene Dahl, actress in Scene of the Crime.
– Nice color ad for the US Brewers Foundation, with lake picnic art by Douglass Crockwell “Week-end and the lake”.
– Very nice back page color ad for Chesterfield Cigarettes with endorsement by Lucille Ball.