LOOK Magazine – September 23, 1969 – Diana Ross


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Diana Ross with wild body painting.

– Diana Ross of the Supremes, Sex Goddess – big article, great photos.
– William L. Shirer tells the story of Nazi conquest in France.
– Co-ed dorms, men and women living together and the troubles parents have with this, includes Lambda Nu Fraternity at Stanford University, seems to be positive in all aspects except in the parents minds (A ♥ customer is featured in this article).
– Mayor Joseph L. Alioto of San Francisco and his ties to the Mafia.
– Great Volkswagen ad showing that the Squareback has more luggage space than the boat of a Cadillac it is parked next to.
– Unusual two page color Lark cigarettes ad that is almost entirely close-ups of two faces, heavily made up man and woman.
– Full page Whirlpool ad with Dorothy Trilling.
– A number of letters to the editor about Eric Sevareid’s article about American Militarism in the LOOK Magazine August 12, 1969 issue.
– Full page Allstate life insurance ad with Jack Dawson.
– Full page colorful Manhattan Industries ad for cotton fashions.
– Neat full page color White Trucks ad with semi truck “frozen” in block of ice.
– Photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson showing France in 1944, Free at last.
– The Movie “Medium Cool” about Harold Blankenship and the Chicago police riots at the 1968 Democratic convention.
– Full page color Dr. Pepper ad for the Miss Teenage American Pageant.
– Identity, the Black Woman’s burden.
– Muriel Resnik and Wallace Litwin and a fancy picnic on their private island, Cut in Two, Thimbles, Connecticut, with Gordon Brainerd, Richard Howd, Julienne Maries, James Earl Jones, Muriel Resnik, recipes.
– Full page Embra cigarettes ad, for women, Regional M page.
– Cheering at College Football games, pictures of crowds and cheerleaders.
– 1969 College Football forecast.
NOTE : Pages 41-48 are the little “Manual of 500 calorie meal ideas” which ispart of a MILK ad, and is not always present.
T section, when present, may include the following (and more ads) :
– Full page Munsingwear ad with jockeys Johnny Sellers, Howard Grant and Angel Valenzuela, horse racing.
– Looking at Books : The Dawn Warriors, The Trial of Dr. Spock.
– Two page American Airlines ad, one page is a full page color photo of flight attendant, stewardess Susan Bernath from Calabasas, California.
– Full page travel ad for Costa del Sol in Spain, with Cathy Carey.
– How to seize Manhattan, by Peter S. Prescott, plan for an armed take-over.
– Gorgeous full page color Hanes pantyhose ad with woman in filmy white and flowers.
– Full page Amphora pipe tobacco ad.
– Full page color Nunn-Bush men’s shoes made of Corfam ad with motorcycling theme.
– Stanley Dancer has harness racing’s first million dollar year, horse racing.