LOOK Magazine – September 23, 1952 – Highway Accidents


Magazine Condition : Good (spine is a bit darkened)

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LOOK Magazine Cover : Ava Gardner, Susan Hayward, James Hansen, Irene Blomgren, Richard Nixon, Billy Williams – six separate portraits.

– Jews in Germany, seven years later.
– Two page ad with lots of different Gruen watches.
– Full page Bell Telephone System ad with Denis Hartnett, Deny Hartnett.
– Pretty full page color Life Savers ad with Piggy Bank.
– Humorist Bennett Cerf has a new book, cartoons by Doug Anderson.
– Full page color Toastmaster toaster ad with a gorgeous toaster!
– Half page color Nabisco Fig Newtons ad.
– Another of those absolutely charming color Texaco ads with Dalmatian puppies, playing in a pair of fireman’s boots.
– Student Nurse Irene Blomgren, great photos, including with boyfriend Mel Bullinger.
– Gene Tunney thinks that boxer Jack Dempsey is better than all of today’s fighters.
– Colgate W. Darden, Jr. says that High Schools are sinking toward mediocrity.
– Republican candidate for President, Richard Nixon.
– Full page Philip Morris cigarettes ad with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.
– Full page United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, # 73 in Home Life series, art by John Gannam, “Fiesta Time in the Southwest.”
– Birdie Farrar Omer of Kentucky, preacher’s wife and minister.
– Fancy two page color Swift’s Premium Chicken ad.
– Movie – The snows of Kilimanjaro, by Ernest Hemingway.
– 18 ways to stay alive while driving, highway accidents.
– Model Jutta Parr, a David Crystal girl – and other Crystal girls like Lucille Ball.
– Full page color Watchmakers of Switzerland ad with Norman Rockwell art.
– Furniture designer and clothing designer – Charles James.
– Singer Billy Williams.
– George Nakashima of New Hope, Pennsylvania makes a special chair for his daughter Mira.
– Championship High School football, Weymouth, Massachusetts, coach Harry Arlanson, Tom Pratt, Joe Hill, cheerleaders Natalie Loud, Joan Williams, more.
– Artist Enrico Donati.
– Photocrime – The Canceled Clue (solve it yourself)