LOOK Magazine – September 18, 1956 – $64,000 Question


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LOOK Magazine Cover – The West, new frontiers of living model Jo Anne Aehle by Milton H. Green.

– Los Angeles, the art of living bumper to bumper.
– San Francisco, Western bridge to the east – Kathleen Norris.
– Palm Springs, Paul Trousdale a builder.
– Utah Steelworker, Gary Filmore and his family.
– Seattle Accountant, Conner Gray.
– Colorado Coed, JoAnne McFadden, and Tom Mains.
– Nomads of California, early migrant workers.
– Arizona Cowgirl, Cathy Clements.
– Western Fashion, by Patricia Coffin, photos.
– Hal March and the $64,000 Question, Peter Freuchen, Gino Prato, Capt. Richard McCutchen, Gloria Lockerman.
– Photo Quiz, famous Americans.
– 1956 Football Forecast by Tim Cohane, Coach Bud Wilkinson, Jim Parker, Milt Campbell.
– Jimmy Popjoy, a 14 year old with asthma, friends, Clarence Barnes, Dr. Harold Tuft.
– The Presidents Doctor, Dr. Howard Snyder and Ike.
– Great Profile of Ingrid Bergman at 40, photos by David Seymour.
– DeBeers Diamond ad with dreaming girl, illus by Herbert Saslow.