LOOK Magazine – September 12, 1961 – Hemingway


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


Look Magazine Cover : Three books.

– Condensations of 3 important new books, “Presidents in Danger” by U. E. Baughman, “War in the Pacific, Part 1” by John Toland, and “Suicide, Surrender or Survival” by Arthur T. Hadley.
– Half page General Electric ad with Marjorie McMurray, at a picnic, surgical supervisor at Ormond Beach Hospital.
– Ernest Hemingway, a personal story by the writer’s wife, Mary Hemingway.
– Summer at camp, Maria Piazza, Trail Blazer Camps near Sussex, New Jersey, Judy Breisch, Zula Usery, more.
– Full page Alpine cigarettes ad with young wild cat, leopard?
– 1961 Football forecast.
– Full page Krystal hamburgers ad, southern restaurant chain, red-headed boy.
– Beverly Harmon is the best baseball player in English, Indiana.
– Children playing with cardboard animals, C. William Moss Associates.
– Two page Ballantine Ale ad with Elliott Burch, Brookmeade Stable’s head race horse trainer.
– Dennis Weaver is Gunsmoke’s Chester.
– Wool fashions with wild wolf, Rudi Gernreich and Harmon Knitwear.
– A birthday party for 5 year-old Jennifer Rigsby.
– Actress Paul Prentiss, film comedienne.
– Full page color Smirnoff vodka ad with Harpo Marx.
– The amazing Dr. Connie Guion, with Ruth Smith, Mary Fay, Leon Pashalian, more.
– Full page color Seven-up 7up ad with mini-golf theme.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Betty Skelton, aviation and automotive record holder.
– Page 9-10 is a small Reader’s Digest Music subscription card, not always present, ask if you need it.

No regional editions published for this date.