LOOK Magazine – September 11, 1951 – Page Military Academy


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Elizabeth Taylor (what a knock-out!), Van Fleet, Anita Colby, Mimi Benzell, boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, football player Billy Vessels of Oklahoma.

– Odd full page color Old Gold cigarettes ad with Dennis James.
– Full page color U.S. Army recruiting ad with Combat Infantrymen, art by Kling.
– Half page color Fatima cigarettes ad with Jack Webb, star of Dragnet.
– Follow-up letters to the dog stories in LOOK June 5, 1951 and LOOK July 17, 1951.
– New Medical plan with complete prepaid care, with the John McLoughlin family of Bell Park Gardens in New York City, Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York, Gerry Solomon, Carol Krakow, Joseph Lapal, others not named.
– Full page Trailer Coach Manufacturers ad ECMA with Mrs. Horace Hayman, Mrs. and Mrs. Harry E. Buchanan, housing for construction workers for Atomic Energy Commission project located near Aiken, South Carolina.
– We are spending billions on the Atom: what are we buying?
– Hunting the Kodiak bear in Alaska, includes John Day from Oregon, Uganik Bay Camp, Point Barrow, Eskimo Herbert Leavitt.
– Full page color Watchmakers of Switzerland ad with art by Norman Rockwell, little boy watching watch maker.
– NATO works on building a screen between western Europe and Russia.
– Ciro’s Cigarette Girl, Margaret Barstow, Bruce Barstow, cute article.
– Big feature on Sugar Ray Robinson, boxer.
– Nice full page color PM Whiskey ad with art of old fashioned boxers, art by MS.
– Neat two page color Armour ad showing 20 different products in their cans or jars, Pantry-shelf meals.
– California Money Makers, includes Steve Ellingson (U-Bild patterns) with Betty Jo Schaales and Russell Steinpfad, The Ruggles show with Steve Tuggles, Charles Ruggles and Tommy Bernard, Paul Klepa and lots of novelty salt and pepper shakers.
– 1951 Football forecast, with art by Willard Mullin.
– Half page Mennen ad with art by Michael Berry and the speed boat Sweetheart III.
– University of Oklahoma football team, includes Charles (Bud) Wilkinson, Jim Weatherall, Jody Billingsley.
– Full page color Havoline motor oil ad with art of sailboat and motor yacht.
– Fashions for fat men, Jack E. Leonard.
– Anita Colby gives her recipe for well-dressed beauty
– Singer Mimi Benzell.
– When should teenagers fall in love?
– Humorous piece about actual dangers, Dim-Wit drivers.
– Movie review of “A place in the sun” with Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor and Shelley Winters.
– Page Military Academy in Los Angeles teaches kids as young as Kindergarten age to do military drills and such, includes William Moran, creepy piece because the kids are so young.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Sunday Alibi.
– Full page color 7up ad with family practicing archery.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Joan Crawford.