LOOK Magazine – October 7, 1941 – Scandinavian Americans


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Pretty woman standing by the tail of a plane, Linda Dean, AT-6A combat training airplane.

– Full page color Nucoa oleomargarine ad with Mrs. Albert G. Hendley and her four children, nurse Norma C. Lueders.
– The St. Lawrence Seaway is vital to our defense.
– Full page color Lee clothing ad with four men Picked for Promotion.
– Neat little photo of 475 men and 24 huge guns at Camp McQuaide.
– How TWA stewardesses keep trim, includes Evelyn Scholhamer, Florence Eckles, Pat Mellon, Marian Coady, Lorraine Bedsworth, Betty Parker.
– Drastic cut in automobile production and morale with lots of photos, no names, circumstances sound much like Michigan of 2009.
– Fire is a saboteur, photos of English and American fires and aftermath, including the old City Hall in Troy, New York, some in color.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Death in a Garden.
– Alexander P. de Seversky says America has no air power, with photo of English Hurricanes, crash of air mail pilot, more.
– Eleanor Roosevelt talks with 30 college students about today’s problems, Alden Olcen, Bonnie Farber, Naomi Block, Mike Trachtenberg, Frieda Ulman, Arnek Sherover, Ray Mongraine, Jane Plimpton, Joe Lash, Phil Austin, others not named.
– Tamara Toumanova is the World’s best ballerina.
– WOW, two page color spread of Bermuda, Joe Wallin, Natalie Coyle, Sailors, more.
– What Bob Hope thinks of himself, lots of neat photos.
– Americans, Inc. (2nd in series), Scandinavian Americans, Swan Gustaf Larson and family, Minneapolis, Junior Svithiod, Lars Lein and family, Norwegian Valley in Wisconsin, LOTS of photos.
– Movie review of “No Greater Sin” with Leon Ames and Luana Walters.
– Robert Coonley Clark Leavitt, photographer’s son, grows up, cute photos of child.
– Fashions to wear to the big football game, Dorothy McGuire, Hank Lowe.
– Frank Leahy becomes head coach at Notre Dame University, football.
– Full page photo of woman sitting in London bombing debris with her dog, no name.
– Luck often wins the World Series, baseball.
– Very pretty full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Angela Cummins wearing a football letter sweater.