LOOK Magazine – October 5, 1965 – Television for Teens


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Look Magazine Cover : Caroline Kennedy in horse riding helmet and JFK, Jr.

– City zoning, the battle that threatens your home and your wallet, art by James Flora.
– Feature articles on Israel and Judaism.
– The heritage of Judaism, history.
– Prejudice in Israel, story is about a Moroccan Jew (says Moroccan Jews took a lot of their habits from Moroccan Arabs).
– Full page color Half and Half cigarettes ad.
– Six color pages of photos of the Kennedy children.
– Full page Metropolitan Life insurance ad with family named Jones, three kids, on a wooden rail fence.
– Very wild two page United Delco battery ad with optical art that is hard to view.
– Full page color Coke Coca-Cola ad with muddy football player in red with white and girlfriend in green.
– Full page color Team Flakes cereal ad, Nabisco.
– The riots in Watts, Los Angeles, Negro unrest, this is the story of three who died : Frederick Maurice Hendricks (19), Fentroy Morrison George (21) , and Charles Patrick Fizer (25).
– Television shows for teens, such as I Dream of Jeannie, Gidget, Hogan’s Heroes, Get Smart!, Camp Runamuck, Lost in Space,  and more.
– Full page color ad for Mobile Homes.
– Teenage reporter Ruth Anson, shows her interviewing Mark Semich while up in his hot air balloon, talking with Sharon Barker and Pete Peterson about tandom surfing, also Dick Chamberlain, Tony Robinson, Bill Anson.
– Three page color Kodak Instamatic camera ad where one page is full of photos of a happy little girl and her second birthday cake.
– Handicraft designer Jean Ray Laury, rugs, draperies, doors, besteads, more.
– Fashions : stripes, model Peggy Moffitt, designer Rudi Gernreich.
– They made our world, Adam Smith, # 15 in series.
– Two page Edison electric institute ad, full color page with Gene Carolan and his family near Fredericksburg, Iowa, other page includes Kenneth White Jr., Arthur Wait, Ciacomo Liggera, and Edward Stansfield with families.
– Football player Matt Snell, New York Jets, with Neil Zarrella, Joe Namath.
– Full page color International Scouts vehicle ad.
– Full page color Sealtest Seal Test checkerboard icecream ad with three flavours.
– Full page color Canadian Club whisky ad with Portuguese Jogo do Pau.