LOOK Magazine – October 4, 1966 – Flying Saucer Abduction


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Look Magazine Cover : Elizabeth Taylor.

– Neat story about two people who believe they were taken aboard a flying saucer, Betty and Barney Hill, near Lancaster, New Hampshire, includes psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon – very large piece.
– Three page color fold-out 1967 Chevy Fleetside pickup truck ad.
– Full page color Glidden Spred Satin paint ad with a good tag line “Covers walls like a carpet of color.”
– Cool full page Metropolitan Life insurance ad with man with rocket pack and others from Buffalo.
– Charming two page color Clairol Picture perfect color rinse with woman in white cat suit.
– Full page color Ski-Doo ad with the Smith family, Regional M page.
– Full page Speedee 7-11 7-Eleven ad with Molly McCall.
– The case for a small college, Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, John Schilling, Erich Funke, Harlan D. Graber, Jim Brousard, Linda Spies, mentions Carleton College in Northfield, Lake Forest College, Florida Presbyterian College in St. Petersburg, and others.
– Adlai Stevenson, III.
– The great story of Cora Walker who cared enough to fight against a gargantuan city agency, crumbling city tenement scandal, bribe plot, New York City.
– Two page color Mercury Cougar ad, classy white car on dark blue.
– Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in “The Taming of the Shrew.”
– Sculptured furniture.
– Fashion designer Bonnie Cashin, one-world fashions.
– Whipped cream and recipes.
– Anita Poluga helps Mrs. Edwin Gifford with her kids, for a fun summer.
– 63 years of Americans at the University of Oxford, Rhodes Scholars, John Wideman.
– Cute full page ad for the Mike Douglas Show, color photo of him.
– Joe Pyne and his vituperous television talk show and radio show, Regional M pages.
– LBJ and the elections, trouble ahead.
– Emmett Ashford is the ultra umpire.