LOOK Magazine – October 24, 1950 – Kansas City, Missouri


Magazine Condition Choices :
(May need to be aired out a bit)


LOOK Magazine Cover : Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes.

– Full page color Lucky Strike cigarettes ad with art of cheerleader.
– Heart-warming story of Punkie, the blind cocker spaniel dog, and his loving family who is giving him a good life, Janice Ann Smith of Pueblo, Colorado.
– Another full page Rayve ad, this one for short-cut-curlers, with the cute Mary Martin.
– Very pretty full page color Toastmaster ad where the toaster looks like luxury tableware.
– Two page colorful Haband tie ad with 12 garish ties and offer for free Esquire Girl calender.
– Full page color Life Savers ad with juggling clown.
– Ballet is fast becoming entertainment for the masses, includes Rosemary Lindsay doing a dance move with a mannequin, more.
– John Gunther writes about Douglas MacArthur.
– Big feature on songwriter Irving Berlin including Circus Saints and Sinners Club, piano named Buick, long piece with lots of photos.
– Full page color Old Gold cigarettes ad with a carved wooden cigar Indian statue.
– Basil O’Connor writes about his daughter recovering from polio, infantile paralysis.
– Full page color Hamm’s beer ad with art by Fred Ludekens.
– Big feature on Kansas City, Missouri with the lovely old train station, Roy Roberts, Centennial Queen contestants, jazz players at Club Zelmaroda, Mrs. Robert A. Long Ellis, Thomas Hart Benton, others not named.
– Extremely pretty full page color Dextrose ad featuring canned peaches and art of lady dressed like cheerleader or fairy.
– Half page Trailer Living ad with Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Prudhomme and family at Great Lakes Naval Training Station.
– Half page red Scotch cellophane tape with Louise Winslow, using it for sewing.
– Photo history of football at Southern California, the Trojans, includes Howard Jones, Johnny Baker, Orville Mohler, Ray Baker, Morton Kaer, Morley Drury, Francis Tappaan, Al Krueger and others.
– Unusual and lovely full page color Coca-Cola ad with cityscape artwork by Francis Chase.
– Full page red Champion Spark Plugs ad with S. S. Sayres and speedboat Slo-Mo-Shun IV.
– Full page Licensed Beverage Industries ad with rancher Joe O’Bryan near Hiattville, Kansas.
– Ozzie and Harriet Hilliard Nelson, Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet on the radio, feature on them.
– Catholic Youth Organization, Chicago CYO, Los Angeles CYO boys with Dalmatian pups at Circle M Ranch, Bishop Sheil with boxer Tony Zale, Golden Baton tournament, more.
– Yummy full page color Mounds candy bar ad on orange.
– One world look, American fashions.
– Very cute full page color Necco Chocolate Peppermints ad.
– West Point football, Al Pollard, Colonel Earl Henry (Red) Blaik, Gilbert Stephenson, others.
– Half page Auto-lite batteries ad with Gene Tierney and look-alike Geraldine Noonan.
– Full page movie poster ad for “Where Danger Lives.”
– Peter Lind Hayes puts the Stork Club on TV, plus feature on the Hayes.
– Full page color Pabst Blue Ribbon ad with Harry Von Zell and Bill Goodwin.
– Has Truman lost the south?, conservatives are taking over.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Fate smiles wryly.
– Picasso designs plates in sets for the table.
– Is your home a fire trap?, color photo of burning Wisconsin farmhouse.
– Full page Association of American Railroads ad with art of Daniel Boone.
– LOTS of half page CBS ads.
– Jealousy is a threat to marriages.
– Actress and dancer Vera-Ellen.
– Movie review of “Mister 880” with Edmund Gwenn.
– How to play three-pack canasta.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Patricia Neal at baseball game.