LOOK Magazine – October 20, 1953 – Windjamboree


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Football player Paul Giel and cheerleader Margaret Ellefson of Glenwood, Minnesota.

– The monument that will be erected in Buenos Aires to Eva Peron.
– Full page color Texaco ad with rather manic little boy wearing service station man’s hat, art.
– Will the new Joint Chiefs gamble on Peace?
– Windjamboree, Captain Frank Swift, sailboat charters out of Camden, Maine, Captain Haskell, ship “Mercantile”, lots of good photos.
– Gamma Globulin was wasted in this year’s fight against polio, includes photo of parents and kids in crowd in Washington county, Virginia.
– Buying a yearling Thoroughbred horse is a gamble, talks about how to select a young horse, racing prospects.
– Arthur Godfrey, part 3.
– Fancy feet, decorated shoes.
– Three designing women from Seventh Avenue, fashion designers Esther Refer, Hannh Troy, Nettie Rosenstein.
– Bargain basements, finishing your own basement, Ralph Treves of Flushing, New York, Leo Savitch family, Judith Cutler, Jeffe Miller.
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, Vacationers Reunion, 87 in series, art by Douglass Crockwell.
– Father John A. O’Brien goes preaching in the street, Jacksonville, North Carolina.
– How does your income rate compared to average in the United States?, good long piece with lots of statistics.
– Full page Bach’s candies ad with Ginger Rogers.
– Feature on Burt Lancaster, including full page color photo of him shirtless.
– Paintings of America commissioned by Helena Rubinstein of young Italian artists who had never been to the USA.
– Four pages of Rexall ads with buckets of products with prices.
– Why football on TV is limited.
– Movie review of Melba with opera singer Patrice Munsel.
– Flying Saucers from Outer space, a new book by Major Donald E. Keyhoe.
– Queen Frederika and King Paul of Greece.
– Hair pieces as hats for women.
– Don’t put a killer in your car, sub-standard brakes and other counterfeit parts.
– Big feature on football player Paul Giel of Minnesota.
– Movie stars loafing at Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper between hours on set, includes Marilyn Monroe in swim suit and on crutches, with Joe DiMaggio.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Pauline Betz (tennis), Julius Boros (golf), Zoe Ann Olsen (diving), Mickey Mantle (baseball).