LOOK Magazine – October 12, 1948 – Tenth Tarzan


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : General Eisenhower.

– Full page color Watchmakers of Switzerland ad with art by Thornton Utz.
– Cute full page movie poster ad for “Julia Misbehaves” with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon, she is sitting in a champagne glass.
– Nice little photo of baby son of L. D. Feeler in the Thinker pose.
– Small photo of young Woody Schempp of Bridgeport, Connecticut in his going-to-school clothes.
– Letter to the editor and photo from Erika Engel who is German and would like to marry an American and move to the USA.
– Two crazy crash photos of Midget-auto race cars.
– Charming full page Gaines dog food ad with little girl asleep on a Saint Bernard dog.
– Haunted house party in Sherman Oaks, California, including Sandra Tunison, Dick Saunder, San Chis club, more.
– Full page blue movie poster ad for “Night has a thousand eyes.”
– LOOK magazine applauds Dr. Wendell Johnson (work with stutterers), Shirley Friend (painting, racial tolerance), George Mardikan (chef, Omar Khayyam’s).
– Kay Summersby talks about her boss, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and her job, a very nice long piece.
– Lenore Munroe visits the Virgin Islands, Joyce Jenkins, article talks about folks going there to get a divorce, Aubrey Ottley, Josephine Souffront and more.
– Another cute Barbasol ad, half page red cowboy theme with art by Dolas.
– Half page photo of a dog sitting up with a squirrel sitting on his head.
– 5 year-old Wally Ward works to recover from Polio, infantile paralysis, Norris Ward family of South Bend, Indiana.
– Full page movie poster ad for “Johnny Belinda” with Jane Wyman and Lew Ayres.
– Another sexy full page Springmaid Fabrics ad, Defy Diaphoresis.
– Marion Carl is the world’s fastest fighter pilot, world air speed record, more.
– Broadway production “Life with Mother”
– Hobby kit for shelves and more, build them yourselves.
– John Gunther reports on Italy.
– Half page Pepsodent toothpaste ad with Madeleine Swenson.
– The tenth Tarzan, Lex Barker, Alexander Crichlow Barker II.
– Full page Budweiser beer ad, color, art by Walter Richards, Fred Harvey train station.
– Eddie Stanky tells how Baseball is a Rough Business.
– The Presidency, part 2 : From Polk to Lincoln, long piece.
– Slip wardrobe is a strip tease in reverse, Pierre Balmain.
– European students tour America, includes Joan Harborne, Zdenek David, Francoise Rauzier, Pamela Gandine, Jean Paly, Ragnhild Eide, Chryssa Andreadou, Rie Cieremans and more.
Jugglers’ jamboree, includes Pryde Shannon, George De Mott, more.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Death Drops the Handkerchief.
– Movie review of Good Sam.
– Full page color 7up 7-up Fresh up ad, Paired in family fun, reading a bedtime story.
– Full page color Camel cigrettes ad with cartoon format, Harold Alzana tightrope walker.