LOOK Magazine – October 10, 1961 – Perry Mason


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Raymond Burr as Perry Mason in courtroom.

– Can the United Nations survive?, with Adlai Stevenson and more.
– A priest’s views : let’s take birth control out of  politics.
– How Television’s Perry Mason lives, Raymond Burr.
– Big bold two page colorful 1962 Oldsmobile Dynammic 88 ad, same for F-85.
– Full page color movie poster ad for King of Kings.
– A Russian and an American work together in India, Dr. Vassili V. Preobrazhensky, Dr. Preo, Annie Ray Moore.
– We are losing the battle to keep Communist China out of the United Nations.
– Interlingua, an international language (similar to Esperanto).
– Antiques at an outdoor flea market, Locust Valley, New York, Richard Camp.
– Richard Wheway is chosen as this year’s “Tom Thumb” for Bridgeport’s annual Barnum Festival.
– Chestnuts, photos, recipes.
– Fashions : capes, includes Walter Kraus, Jane Stark.
– Nice two page color Good Year tires ad with winter artwork.
– Brigid Bazlen is lucky at 17 and a star in several movies.
– Full page movie poster ad for Back Street with Susan Hayward.
– War in the Pacific, part 2, as told by John Toland, the defenses crumble, Hong Kong and Singapore fall, MacArthur retreats to Bataan.
– Hilding Mickelsson photographs the Lapland Owl.
– Baseball all America.
– A fold-up scooter, suitcase sized, Centaur.
– The children of Hungary’s revolution, Pali Bacsi Heber, International Rescue Committee Children’s Home in Hadersdorf, great piece.
– Another wonderful full page color 7up, 7-up ad with people dressed up for costume party, Guess-Who-Party.

No regional editions printed for this issue.