LOOK Magazine – November 6, 1951 – Supermarkets


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Elaine Stewart (large photo), Robert Taft, Mary Sinclair.

– Full page color Canada Dry ginger ale ad with jack-o-lantern Halloween theme.
– Full page Ronson cigarette lighter ad with Mrs. Orson Munn, Sr., Carrie Munn.
– Full page Trailer Coach Manufacturers Association TCMA ad with Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Bulat at Great Lakes Training Center for the Navy.
– Small photo and caption follow-up to Margaret Barstow, Ciro’s Cigaret girl (LOOK September 11, 1951).
– Follow-up letters pertaining to Nina Warren and polio (LOOK September 25, 1951).
– Two page color Max Factor ad with the lovely Mona Freeman.
– Full page color Necco wafers candy ad with cute Halloween theme.
– Supermarkets are super, big food stores, Food Fair in New York, models wear meat, vegetables, candy, Crawford’s Village Store in El Monte, Dud and Dottie Coleman, more.
– Two page color 7up Fresh Up ad with parents giving 7up to trick-or-treaters.
– The shame of New York city, crime and corruption, Joe Adonis, Louis Lepke Buchalter, Frank Costello, many others.
– Fashions : corset week in New York, lots of bras, girdles, more.
– Very pretty full page color Del Monte Pineapple juice ad with birds of paradise.
– Wiltwyck school in Esopus, New York for problem boys, director Ernst Papanek, instructor Margit Meitner, nurse Rose Magid, residential director Edward P. Norris, boys not named.
– Mary Sinclair is the busiest dramatic actress on television, nice long piece.
– Another super fantastic full page color Texaco fire-chief ad with five Dalmatian puppies playing in fall leaves.
– Pericle Fazzini, Roman sculptor.
– Teenage vice begins at home, by policewoman Gladys Cooke.
– How drugstores contribute to good health and beauty.
– Red Skelton, part two.
– Time to fix college football, undercover payoffs, bribes, bets, Flash Manson.
– Very nice color piece on Paris Fashions with great art by Rene Gruau.
– Senator Robert A. Taft tells why he opposes Truman’s Foreign policy.
– Movie Review of “Decision before Dawn.”
– Full page color Early Times bourbon ad with Kentucky bluegrass pasture art by R. E. Lougheed.
– Making fun of fear, triskaidekaphobia and more, Elaine Stewart, Marion Schnabel, Blossom Plumb, Jo Sullivan, Don Jacobs, John Vassos, Nick Matsoukas, more.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Phantom Hunter.