LOOK Magazine – November 26, 1946 – Lassie


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : That American Look – Hands, Ronnie Gleason of New York.

– Full page Ipana tooth paste ad with Jean and Lynn Rushmore and their mother Frances Rushmore.
– Full page color Famous Southern Fruit Cake ad.
– Small photo of stewardess Paula Betz and hat designer Jack Coret, Western Air Lines flight.
– Small photo of Con Gebbie handing out candy to kids in Japan.
– How would you spend $1,000 in a week?, photos and answers by Roberta Adams, Alex Singer, Pat Reinders, John Conte, Nikke Montan, Al Mele, Leonard Smith Jr., Estelle Sloan, Paul villard, Lisa Kirk, Wally Blacker, Marusia Sava.
– Personality clinic, are you absent-minded?
– Drew Pearson is the most influential journalist in Washington.
– Felice and James Warren go on a week long vacation at Lake Mead, 12th in Look at America series, includes Hotel El Rancho Vegas, Rex Bell, Tom Underhill.
– Why they riot in India, this article was written shortly before the division of Pakistan and India and talks about the religious problems between Hindis and Muslims.
– Singer Peggy Lee.
– Full page movie poster ad in green for The Strange Woman with Hedy Lamarr.
– Science forecast : coin vending machines (they were sooooo right!).
– Neat full page color Lee work clothes ad with six different outfits.
– Mrs. Edith Vincent of Delmar, Delaware dreams up the best day with Robert Cummings, and gets to go on it, includes Bob Vincent.
– Are you on the right road to success?, aptitude testing, James McKey, Donald E. Super.
– Cute full page color Life Savers ad with little girl in bed, Sweetest Dream in the World.
– Full page Oldsmobile ad with Series 66 Club Sedan in blue with hydramatic drive.
– Humorous series of photos on a Bronx sidewalk, three women and a new haircut.
– Full page color movie poster ad for Walt Disney’s Song of the South.
– Reporter Johnny Grant, Johnny on the spot, with Latin Quarter chorines, New Jersey State Fair car stunt by Joie Chitwood, more.
– Pilgrimage to a shrine, New York Catholics go to National Shrine of North American Martyrs.
– Oklahoma celebrates Cherokee Strip Race, homesteading race on September 16, 1893, G. G. McAfee family, H. L. Williams Jr. on Ordinary bicycle (High Wheel bicycle), Mrs. John J. Silvy and Charles Hix, J. Paul Johnson.
– 5th in series on Tragic Death, One Sunday Afternoon, art by James Schucker, Car wreck.
– Actress Jeanne Crain.
– High School football at night, Alhambra High School, California, Stuart Compton, Joanne Oberlies.
– That American Look, Hands, Grace Ross, Alberta Harrington, Constance Keene, Mrs. Happy Felton, Ronnis Newman, Gwen Volckening, Lyn Day.
– Michigan deer hunt at Lewiston, Michigan hunting lodge belonging to Harold Aarons, Joe Guffin, Ralph Baker, others.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Dance of Death.
– Movie review, Deception with Bette Davis and Paul Henreid.
– Actor Claude Rains, the Invisible man.
– Lassie is Hollywood’s leading animal star.