LOOK Magazine – November 25, 1958 – Russia


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Adlai Stevenson in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

– Major features on Russia by Adlai Stevenson and William Attwood.
– The girl from Gunsmoke, Kitty, Amanda Blake -color photos, more.
– American Ministers and sex problems.
– Full page Ronson electric shaver ad with Arthur Godfrey.
– Sentor, medicated acne stick, full page ad.
– Interesting full page ad for the curious little Philco slender seventeen portable TV.
– Full page Dristan decongestant tablets ad, cold medicine.
– Full page color Admiral television ad with wireless remote control.
– Long letter to the editor from Vera Burns in Oakland pertaining to Russian education, LOOK October 14, 1958.
– Oklahoma versus Texas football, Darrell Royal and Bud Wilkinson, includes photos of Dave Baker, Prentice Gautt, Bob Harrison, Rene Ramirez, Bob Lackey, Don Allen, Bob Bryant.
– Two page Lionel trains ad with lots of photos and reasons why it is good for kids to play with model trains.
– Two page Pontiac ’59 ad, the red convertible looks as long and wide as a football field.
– Full page color Seagram’s VO whiskey ad with art of National Horse Show.
– Fashions and fur coats, glitter shoes.
– Four day Thanksgiving feast with John Davies Stamm family, recipes, planning.
– Full page John Hancock insurance ad with color art of George Gershwin by C. J.
– Two page color Texaco with Petrox ad, with Tom McCahill.
– Policeman Robert Werner of Nassau county, New York, gives his view of automobile accidents – great piece.
– Great surrealistic clean oven ad for Inco Nickel linings.
– Low level living : shorter furniture, includes Pat Suzuki.
– Movie review of The Roots of Heaven, with John Huston.
– Full page landscape format Hertz rental car ad with blue 1959 Chevrolet and flight attendant.
– Jacques Soustelle, the most dangerous man in France.
– Photoquiz : towers of the world.
– Calypso the woodchuck and the Joe Van Wormer family in Bend, Oregon.
– Senator Edmund Muskie, the miracle man from Maine.
– Julie Cooke and her struggle with leukemia, Rev. Charles Cooke.