LOOK Magazine – November 11, 1958 – Ozzie & Harriet


Magazine condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Harriet Nelson, her husband, and two sons in a convertible car (big feature article inside, Ozzie and Harriet, Ricky Nelson, David Nelson).

– My view of the presidency, by Harry S. Truman.
– Full page New Gulf Crest gasoline ad with very WHITE theme, white convertible, two pale ladies in white, white cat – clean engine performance.
– Full page Listerine ad with school kids, Germs go to school with your youngsters every day.
– Betty Crocker full page ad for Oneida community stainless steel tableware patterns.
– Full page King Sano cigarettes ad.
– Cool full page color General Electric ad for GE Coloramic bulbs showing the same room in pink light, green light, blue light, yellow light.
– Full page ad for the New York Stock Exchange, own your share of American business.
– Very attractive two page color 1959 Oldsmobile ad, Linear Look, biggest car is white and robin egg blue Super 88.
The Eugene Murphy family of Cedar Rapids, Iowa has three sets of twins in 27 months, Judy Murphy – can you imagine having six kids by the time you were 21 and living on $44 a week for a family of 8?
– Striking two page 1959 Plymouth ad in bronze, featuring the Sport Fury.
– Full page (in two halfs) color real estate ad for Sebastian Highlands in Florida.
– Two page 1959 Chrysler ad in a unusual warm pearl grey, Lion hearted.
– Full page color Lucky Strike cigarettes ad with pilots and stewardess.
– Prescription for a short recession, “No panic”, by Theodore S. Repplier.
– Full page Hiram Walker Imperial whiskey ad with float plane.
– Bowler hats.
– Neat piece on living with bright, bold colors.
– Unusual two page color Ford station wagon ad showing two weeks worth of cargo and people, includes boy scouts.
– Another lovely full page color Karo syrup ad, this one with bear cub.
– Teenage rocketeers, home built rockets, Wakefield High School Rocket Club of Arlington, Virginia, includes Charles M. Parkin, Jr.
– The alluring Kim Novak, “Bell, Book and Candle”, white witch, includes great framable full page color photo.
– A visit with Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic director.
– MORE car ads for 1959 automobiles.
– The college football tragedy of player Vic Janowicz, car wreck injuries.
– The political and religious storm raging over Bingo, photos from St. Nicholas school in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
– The story behind the painting # 31, Monet, Nympheas.
– My life with Truman, by James F. Byrnes.
– Photoquiz : 10 different ship wrecks.
– Phyllis Shaw is the bravest girl in New York, IBM worker, commutes on bicycle.
– Humorous photos of kids washing a wombat, Wimpy, D’Essen family.