LOOK Magazine – May 9, 1950 – Edvard Munch


Magazine Condition : Good (May need to be aired out a bit)

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LOOK Magazine Cover : Jack Benny and Rochester.

– Very nice full page Coke ad “Where you Play” featuring baseball, tennis, sailing, and beach play.
– Full page color ad for Champion Spark Plugs featuring a Scotty dog running away with a baseball bat while his master chases.
– How Harry Bridger rules the Pacific by Frank J Taylor,  labor leader plays hardball.
– Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood’s loveliest bride, stars with Nick Hilton in “Father of the Bride”, includes gorgeous full page color photo of her.
– Career Girl Leila Hadley works for Al Capp as social secretary.
– Parachuting dog, Canine Paratrooper, Bode jumps with the 82nd Airborne, cocker spaniel.
– Interesting 2 page of of past presidents of Bell Telephone, shows them now, and shows what they did starting at Bell.
– Western Europe’s Dollar Brain Trust by William Lowe, Washington experts who direct Europe’s reconstruction, Jean Filippe, Baron Snoy, Sir Edmund Hall-Patch, Robert Marjolin, Eric Roll.
– Jack Benny, America’s favorite fall guy.
– Midget Midway, mailman Omar Watts owns a miniature amusement park he built.
– Ken Murray, TV talent scout, he discovered Corky Brewster, Cindy Cameron.
– Phil Rizzuto, Yankee Nipper, good photo of him and Joe Dimaggio, with Vic Raschi.
– Color ad for Havoline Oil, featuring illustration of Jack Kramer, tennis star.
– Inside FDR, What Killed Him? By John Gunther, They say he died of exhaustion.
– Edvard Munch, Norway’s artist, great color images of his work five pages, includes his lithograph version of The Cry, one in the famous “The Scream” series.
– New York Cowgirl, Shirley Everitt and Jimmy Durante.
– Harvard Laboratory of Social Relations studies human behavior by Harold B Clemenko.
– Movie Review “Annie Get Your Gun” with Betty Hutton.
– Can we afford to pull out of Japan? By Richard P Gale, General Douglas MacArthur.