LOOK Magazine – May 8, 1962 – Welfare Dead End


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Look Magazine Cover : Vincent Edwards, TV’s dour doctor Ben Casey visits Phoenix.

– A way out of our welfare dead end, 6 percent of all the families in St. Paul, Minnesota use up 50 percent of welfare agencies’ time.
– General Gar Davidson joins the United Nations.
– French actress Dahlia Lavi comes to American film.
– Full page with color images of the first postage stamps of Bhutan.
– Bouillabaisse.
– Novelist-playwright Jim Kirkland models the “sophisticated” sweatshirt.
– Actress Joan van Ark is the youngest female at Yale, photo with singer Asaad Kelada, regional content.
– Bob Elson, Voice of the White Sox, baseball, regional content.
– Deaf child Ann Sherman learns to “hear” at the Crotched Mountain School in New Hampshire, color photo feature.
– Full page color AC spark plug ad with illustration by Whitney Darrow.
– Alvin Dark, San Francisco Giants manager, baseball, includes photos with Willie Mays, Willie McCovery, Bowman, Pagan, Marichal, Matty Alou, Cepeda. Billy O’Dell, more.
– Tragic politics in the country of Colombia, Alfonso Lopez, Black Hand.
– Third baby gorilla born in captivity, Jumbo, in Swiss zoo.
– The successes and failures of the U-2 plane.
– Cute full page black and white Polaroid camera ad of young boys in baseball uniforms around camera and photo.
– Fashion, feminine chiffon.
– Page 5-6 is a small advertising insert card and is not always present.