LOOK Magazine – May 8, 1951 – Atomic Bomb


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Four photos : Lena Horne, Marine (name label looks like J. S. Moe?), Baseball pitcher Bob Lemon, Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone.

– First Pictures of the Atom Bomb, what it looks like and how it is delivered, includes photos and artwork by Jim Berryman of Hunter Air Force base in Savannah.
– Full page American Petroleum Institute ad with William Gisler of Carmarillo, California pulling a 16 foot harrow, plus tank truck driver and lettuce farmer.
– Full page Bell Telephone ad with Telephone Lineman Robert B. Foley who saved a boy who had fallen through ice, Donald King, helped by John F. Fitzgerald.
– Another humorous Ethyl gasoline ad with Walnut and Walrus.
– Full page color Fatima cigarettes ad with Sherman Billingsley at the Stork Club.
– Feature on Jack Benny who now wants to be shown in regular family photos.
– Cute photos of a little polar bear cub being coaxed into the water.
– WOW, yummy looking full page red Peter Paul candy ad, Mounds, Almond Joy.
– LOOK Magazine applauds Anna Neagle and Herbert Wilcox, longest professional association in motion pictures (and marriage).
– Full page color Motorola television ad with Albert Anderson family of Chicago.
– How the Marines build fighting spirit, Quantico, training.
– Six girls against the Colorado river, making the movie “River Goddesses,” Hite’s crossing and downstream, Becky Barnes, Lee Moi Chu, Irene Hettinga, Irish McCalla, Martha Moody, and Georgia White.
– Can your diet prevent cancer?
– New parlor game, Beat the Clock.
– Should the British nag us?
– Nice feature on Lena Horne and singing.
– Cartoonist Ham Fisher and foods men like.
– Clothing for resorts : Thomas Shevlin, Mrs. Michael Phipps, Milton Holden, Mrs. Robert Sweeny, Mrs. Winston Guest, Harrison Williams, Mrs. Thomas Shevlin, Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs Henry Ford, II, Martin Lee, David Leggett, Thomas Goodwin, John R. Fell, C. Jules Brulatour, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leas, H. S. McDonald.
– What Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey is up to now, Sexual behavior in the Human Female (book).
– Full page ad by America’s Electric Light and Power Companies with Paratrooper in full gear, good grief, it is a LOT.
– Young scientist Noel Penney Elliott of Kellogg, Idaho and his wonderful Tick Tack Toe machine (early computer?).
– Full page color Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ad with golfer Ben Hogan.
– Fashion ideas from South Africa, Bulu the Zulu.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Dressed to kill.
– The science of baseball pitching, with Bob Lemon of the Cleveland Indians.
– Art exhibit : knife, fork and spoon, Walker Art Center of Minneapolis.
– Our intelligence Blunders can destroy us, includes Pearl Harbor and others.
– Gary Cooper joins the Navy, in the movie “You’re in the Navy now.”
– Flaming axe throwing with Olga and Hal Denver.
– Little children love bandaids, Helen Gaspard, Penny Wright, Tommy Holloran, Doctor Dan.
– Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter, overnight stars.
– Much more.