LOOK Magazine – May 5, 1970 – Joan Baez


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Look Magazine Cover : Joan Baez and David Harris and their baby.

– A year with Queen Elizabeth, the book she probably won’t like, Andrew Duncan, a very long piece.
– Richard Nixon’s big gamble, his decision to end rule by minorities.
– Joan Baez and David Harris are a family kept apart by conscience, with dog Moondog, sentenced to three years in prison for draft resistance.
– Four day fold-out for Happy Home hardware sales.
– Several letters to the editor about Ross Perot article in LOOK Magazine March 24, 1970.
– Rather awful full page color Sungard sunscreen ad with Debbie Merritt burning half of her face to show how ineffective the other brand is.
– Full page Farmers Insurance ad with Sasha Gilien and family, he is a heart transplant recipient, Regional M page.
– We have a chance to beat leukemia now, Jimmy Matheson of Newton, North Carolina, Jody Hillis.
– Very pretty full page color Campbell’s soup ad with lots of vegetables, can you name them all?
– Two page color Westinghouse ad, one page is photo of people swimming and lounging on a catamaran sailboat on a beach right next to a nuclear power plant.
– The movie “The Damned” by Luchino Visconti sets off new 1930s style fashions.
– Attractive two page Ford Capri sport coupe ad in red on black.
– Three years ago John O’Grady was shot down over North Vietnam, his wife was told she was a widow.
– There is a related editorial about POW’s in Southeast Asia, includes photo of two captured pilots.
– Another two page Sears Steel-belted radial tires ad with the Baja California race 832 miles long.
– Democrat Richard Bolling addresses the upcoming presidential race.
– Flip Wilson, comedian, Regional M pages.
– Full page New Jersey Bell ad with Walt Smith, Geraldine Dickerson, Elaine Ciscon, Paul sipala, Becky Curcio, and Bob Richeal, Regional M page.
– Two page Sinclair Arco ad about drilling on the North Slope of Alaska, shows landing cargo plane.
– Frank Robinson and his assault on the barrier to black managers, baseball.
– Key Lime pie, photo and recipes.
T section, when present, may include the following and more ads.
– Full page color ad for Borkum Riff bourbon pipe tobacco.
– Rain and shine coats featuring the members of the band “The Glass Bottle Band,” Charles Moore, Dennis Dees, John Melia, Carol Denmark, Gary Criss.
– Lenin festival in Soviet Union.
– Two page Alitalia airline ad with Sergio Lenci and his famous airplane seats on the roof of the Alitalia hangar, Rome.
– Full page color Pennsylvania travel ad with colorful art of dancers, Festive Life of Pennsylvania.
– Marjorie Phillips directs a Washington museum of art.