LOOK Magazine – May 28, 1957 – Marine Corps


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Sergeant Kenneth L. Kidd of Junction City, Kansas, Marine Corps.

– Scandal brings revolution in the Marine Corps, includes David W. Jacobs, Parris Island boot camp in South Carolina, Sergeant Groves, Honest John rocket, Delta-wing F4D jet, Terrier guided missile, Helicopter assault near Fujiyama in Japan, much more.
– Why Sinatra hates the press.
– A solution for the South, by a Georgia minister, Robert B. McNeill.
– Full page colorful Kentile flooring ad with the most curious bright room, is it livingroom, den or bedroom?
– Full page Gaines dog food ad with Dalmatians Ebony and Jet.
– Full page color Bell Telephone ad for the Dolly Phone.
– Full page color Minute Rice ad.
– Two page General Motors ad featuring Salt Lick, Kentucky and Espy Clay Highley, Roy Highley, John Paul Highley, Junior Hardin, others.
– Very curious full page Wings shirts ad with baseball players Ronnie Kline and the O’Brien twins.
– Charming half page cartoon strip by Virgil Partch, “Homecoming” about man accidentally going in wrong apartment.
– !!! Full page color Smirnoff Vodka ad with mime Marcel Marceau.
– LOOK Magazine applauds Reverend William B. Wasson, Cuernavaca, Mexico, home for troubled boys.
– Lovely two page color Ford Skyliner ad, only hardtop convertible.
– Gage Bush is queen of Birmingham’s 1957 Beaux Arts Ball, includes employee Lillian Thomas, Ed Sauls, more.
– Full page Campbell’s soup ad with Mrs. Selma Urbonas peeling potatoes.
– Do we really want economy in government spending?
– The wonderful wardrobe of Inveigle Rosaline Russell, Roz, Auntie Mame.
– Nautical look fashions.
– Are you feeding your child properly?, nutrition.
– Field Marshall Alan Brooke talks on Churchill, Eisenhower, MacArthur, and Marshall.
– Emotionally disturbed children, Emma Pendleton Bradley home in Riverside, Rhode Island, mental illness, includes Larry, Mrs. Agnes Rodgers, Monte Bliss.
– Herb Score, baseball pitcher, Herbert Jude Score, Cleveland Indians.
– Actor Cling Walker in movie Cheyenne, quite the beefcake!