LOOK Magazine – May 27, 1969 – Weight Watchers


Magazine Condition Choices :


Look Magazine Cover : Newspaper clipping “Police Widen Hunt for Killer of Career Girls.”

– The Victims, the murder of Janice Wylie and Emily Hoffert, preview of the crime book.
– Norman Mailer, the talkiest writer anywhere.
– Weight watchers, why a million heavies are shedding and cheering, Jean Nidetch.
– Neat two page color American Motors Javelin car ad with one car in stock condition, the other all built up for racing.
– Greece is under military rule, government by torture.
– The amazing 1865 moon shot of Jules Verne, his accurate predictions.
– The really Neat Carrousel house, Richard T. Foster, Wilton, Connecticut.
– Full page color Walker’s Deluxe bourbon ad with shipbuilders who have launched the Columbia 50, an America’s Cup contender I believe.
– Painter Willem De Kooning.
– San Francisco State College, racial strife, campus upheaval, suspension of George Murray.
– Full page color Braniff airline ad with little Jody Ann Levine, Regional M page.
– Odd fashion : jeweled breast plates under see-through tops, Regional M pages.
T Section, when present, may include the following and more ads:
– Full page Royal Traveller luggage ad with Mike and Sharon Foster.
– Full page Full Service Bank ad with attorney David White.
– Movies : “Loves of Isadora” with Vanessa Redgrave.
– Full page Kitchen Aid dishwasher ad with Pauline Curtis of Ferndale, Michigan, E. L. Briggs of Burnsville, North Carolina, Corinne Barker of Pratt, Kansas.
– Full page color Raleigh bicycles ad with the Chopper, the Grand Prix and the Sports bicycle.
– Actress Margo Makee acts sick to help train doctors, Dr. Howard S. Barrows, Howard Gross, others.
– Ghetto investments financed by stock buyers.