LOOK Magazine – May 23, 1939 – Yankee Clipper Airplane


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Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Eleanor Roosevelt, not a very attractive portrait.

– Glamour girls go native in Hawaii, Glorai Baker, Jane Shattuck Topping, Doris Duke Cromwell, Mrs. George McLanahan, more.
– Most liked and disliked movie stars.
– How to conquer fear, by Eleanor Roosevelt.
– Full page of photos of David Dudlah of Memphis, slingshot artist.
– Full page color movie poster ad for “Rose of Washington Square” with Al Jolson.
– These people flew across the Atlantic (or tried to), James and Amy Mollison, Ruth Elder, Charles A. Levine, Walter Wellman, Albert C. Read, John Alcock, A. W. Brown, others.
– Is your home built to live in? Includes five room bungalow in Houston bought by E. T. Barentine, Cape Cod cottage in Buffalo owned by Mrs. Mary Louise K. Alford, A. Parker Terryberry home of East Grand Rapid, Michigan, John S. Osterstock of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, Wiley D. Sanderson home of Detroit, Michigan.
– Henry McLemore picks the Chicago cubs to meet the Yankees at the 1939 World Series, baseball, lots of great action photos.
– All these people became in-laws when Hedy Lamarr married Gene Markey.
– Flying to Europe in the Yankee Clipper airplane, includes Natasha Dana, Eva Paul, Captain Harold Gray, others – GREAT article.
– Warning to Jitterbug dancers, “Fiddle Foot” injury.
– Why coach Jock Sutherland quit Pittsburgh, great photos of many football players.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The case of the cellar steps.
– Teaching very little kids about safe driving, Tottenham, London, England.
– Prize baseball rookies of 1939, Ted Williams, Charley Keller, Fred Hutchinson, Patrick Reiser, Warren Rosar, Jim Tabor.
– Helena Rubinstein’s beauty salon and beauty treatments.
– The aviation industry in the United states, great article with war angle.
– The Mad arts ball, ad designers make fun of their bosses, great costumes.
– Movie preview, Only Angels Have Wings with Cary Grant.
– Cute half page Old Gold cigarettes ad with cowgirl theme, art by George Petty.
– Kent State University and Akron College have a beauty contest.
– Full page color Ralston shredded wheat cereal ad with the Crabby Craigs.