LOOK Magazine – May 20, 1952 – Ingrid Bergman


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Ingrid Bergman holding her son Robertino (big feature inside).

– What really corrupts Washington D.C., secrecy.
– Fun in the sun.
– Eisenhower and the Republican party.
– The Tragedy of Willie Sutton, bank robber, part 2, by Erle Stanley Gardner.
– The Chicago White Sox baseball team goes for Orestes Minoso.
– Full page movie poster ad for The Sniper.
– Full page Bell Telephone ad with 88 year-old Dr. Charles E. Birch of White Plains, New York.
– Full page International Nickel ad with coast guard art by Rosner.
– Small photos of Jack Hart and Peg Hart (they appeared in LOOK magazine August 14 and March 25, no year given).
– Another excellent color Jantzen sunclothes ad with Kontiki print fabric.
– B. F. Skinner and his trained Dalmatian dog, Roadcoach Cheerful.
– LOOK Magazine applauds Raymond Leizer, pianist without hands.
– A day and night at the car races, Sebring, Florida, Larry Kulok, Harry Grey, more.
– Full page color Old Gold cigarettes ad with Dennis James.
– The battle for the St. Lawrence Seaway.
– Full page color Blatz beer ad with Liberace.
– Average Americans investing in stocks, Kermit Wilson, Wall Street.
– Full page color movie poster ad for Red Mountain with Alan Ladd.
– New men’s summer fashions in silk.
– Summer vacation cottages, Jack and Helene Whelan, Leisure House, more.
– The American Road, part 5, the Nightstick takes a ride, Ford Motor company ad with police car theme.
– Rain making, Sam J. Smith, Ross Gunn, Irving P Krick, more.
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, # 68 in Home Life series, art by Douglass Crockwell.
– Movie Review : Walk East on Bacon.
– Full page Chrysler Corporation car ad with cab driver Albert Cornell of Newark.
– Beach fashions : flirt tents and water wigs, ogle goggles and more.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Telltale Letter.
– Full page ad pertaining to damning of Hell’s canyon on the Snake River, Idaho.
– Full page color 7up Fresh up ad with family carrying case of soda out of grocery store.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with four baseball players.