LOOK Magazine – May 1937 – Alcoholism


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Colorized man and woman drinking hard liquor.

– Are we drinking our way back to Prohibition?, includes ten nights in a barroom, temperance movements, tragic results of the bottle, alcoholism and more – very big piece.
– Two neat half page photos of a dust storm approaching a town in Kansas, not named, looks like the modern dust storm pictures from the Middle East.
– Photos and X-ray of a sword swallower, Lucky Ball.
– How to be a good parent, by Dr. Robert Clark.
– Photos of a kangaroo with big baby in pouch and another set of a dog catching and killing a kangaroo.
– COLOR center spread, two page colorized-looking photo of young Princess Elizabeth taking her doll on a baby carriage ride.
– It’s called wrestling, but it’s really ACTING, early WWF stuff, how it is done.
– How sky writing is done.
– Baseball pitcher Bob Feller, boy wonder, Cleveland Indians.
– Russians mud bathing and sun bathing, Crimea.
– Finlanders (Finnish people) in the sauna and then rolling in the snow, Japanese in hot, wet sand.
– Photos of an actual surgery to remove a cataract from an eye.
– Full page diagram showing the muscles and parts of the head.
– Beauty and the Beast, the night club version, the naked lady is Zorine (Blanche Evon West), and a man in an ape costume.
– Six full pages of Jean Harlow, lots of great photos.
– The number one gossip, Walter Winchell, reporter.
– How a whale is caught, whaling, includes the Sir James Clark of Sandefjord.
– Back cover is 2/3 a colorized photo of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard.