LOOK Magazine – May 17, 1966 – Dean Martin


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Look Magazine Cover : Dean Martin in a cowboy hat, smoking a cigarette.

– Medicare, an expert answers 32 questions.
– Pope Pius XII and the third Reich, shocking report about the Vatican and the Nazis, Nazi Germany and the Holy See diplomacy.
– Full page MONY Mutual of New York insurance ad with Dr. Kenneth Flynn.
– Full page Ayds weight loss ad with Edith Henderson, Rice Lake, Wisconsin.
– Full page National Rural Electric Cooperative Association ad with lineman, Regional M page.
– Full page color cute Shast cola ad with six different flavors, skier, hula dancer, mountain climber cartoon art, Regional M page.
– Very good two page Goodyear tires ad “The loneliest place in the world is any place a lady has a flat.”
– Dean Martin, big feature article, great two page color family portrait.
– Full page color United Airlines ad with pilot close-up, not named.
– Attractive AC Spark Plugs ad with close-up of large plugs.
– One third of the nation’s Negro families are missing one or both parents, includes Kime Holman, Eartha Holman, teacher Wilma Beason, more family members.
– Full page color Heublein Cocktails ad with Robert and Carol Goulet.
– Feature article on Saigon, Vietnam, among many other things shows guard post built to prevent bomb-laden cars from plowing through – just like today’s scared world.
– Full page ad with a striking teal green Rambler Classic Rebel.
– Leo Durocher is back in baseball as manager of the Chicago Cubs.
– Fashions, odd ways to decorate your knees.
– John W. Gardner speaks on better schools.
– Full page color Phillips 66 ad with cartoon art of a Native American sending a smoke signal, Regional M page.
– Zoo nursery, Bronx Zoo, Inger Bradbury, Jimmy and Jofee, Regional M pages.
– Full page A&W root beer ad with Dennis the Menace cartoon by Hank Ketcham.
– Actress Lee Remick, now in “Wait Until Dark”