LOOK Magazine – May 17, 1955 – Marlon Brando


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Marlon Brando (big feature article inside)

– Bright and brash new swimsuits
– “Security risk”, a case history, Abraham Chasanow, Greenbelt, Maryland, Anthony Lewis.
– Somewhat curious black and white full page ad with only the Kraft Cheez Whiz in color.
– Full page color Pepsi-Cola ad with party art by Robert Levering.
– Cute full page Gleem toothpaste ad with two workmen at lunch, Paa.
– The Val De Beausset family lives on a volcano in Formosa, Taiwan.
– Neat full page color Sunny Brook whiskey ad with big Paddlewheel boat on river.
– Pretty two page Warner’s bras and girdles ad.
– How much do we know about men?, LOOK magazine’s human nature series.
– WOW! Two page color Plymouth ad with salmon pink and black Belvedere Convertible.
– United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, art by Haddon Sundblom, 107 in Home Life series.
– Robert V. Dermott, Air Force Doctor, Bob and Nancy Dermott, includes pilot W. D. Locke.
– The high chair at the dinner table, Patrice Munsel.
– Baseball player Gene Conley, Milwaukee Braves, great color photos, Del Crandall.
– Carolyn Stroupe, diary of a college beauty, University of Florida.
– Movie review – Daddy Long Legs with Leslie Caron and Fred Astaire.
– General George C. Marshall, in retirement.
– Sportfishing for marlin, sailfish, Art Nuss, new rods and reels.
– Bootlegging is a problem again, stills, Moonshine.
– Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Buddy Rich bring back the swing era.
– Fashion, how to wear a blazer.
– Fire resistant homes, amazing Flamemaster fire retardant paint, more.
– Cute photos of little Wesley Shannon visiting baby animals.