LOOK Magazine – May 15, 1945 – Jack Benny


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Jack Benny playing a violin.

– Full page color Nash Motors (Nash Kelvinator) ad with art by Pat Holbrooke (I believe).
– Full page Ipana tooth paste ad with Clare Van Syckle and her two children.
– Humorous small photo of Coast Guards on an island holding a Miss Gooney Bird Island contest, sent by Bill Ferguson.
– Small photo and mention of young Art Frieberger who managed to get a black eye and lose a tooth in two separate baseball encounters in the same game.
– Will you return to your old job after the war?, photos and answers from Edward Knox, William Armstrong, Raymond Williams, George Rouzan, Geraldine Traylor, James Eschke, John Kachman, Violet Glezman, Harry Summers.
– Fun letter from a discharged veteran to his buddy still overseas, cartoons by Dave Gerard.
– Another super full page color Ford ad with crystal ball, this one containing a woman and an aviator going on a picnic.
– Curious full page Wrigley’s Chewing gum ad asking for people to sell back old gum.
– Your congressman needs a raise, he makes only $10,000 a year.
– What your dreams mean.
– Jack Benny, radio entertainer, the real man versus the character, includes old photos of Benny Kubelsky.
– Full page Heinz 57 ad featuring various food inventions, new recipes including Pasta Faggioli.
– Full page color 7up 7-up Fresh up ad with old couple still in love.
– Full page color Studebaker ad with Studebaker Weasels, Leyte, art by Frederic Fellander.
– Mexican Black and White fashions, Hecho en Mexico.
– Full page color Wurlitzer ad, Turkey in the Straw.
– Full page movie poster ad for Flame of Barbary Coast with John Wayne and Ann Dvorak.
– Lots of horrific photos from the war to show that we should not go easy on the Germans, includes Klooga death camp, Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, results of V bombs, Tavaux, Lublin, Kerch, Maidanek death factory ovens, family of Nikolay Gokhun, road to St. Vith.
– Swimmer Ann Curtis is a prodigy, plus photos of her technique.
– Full page color Fisher ad with Dean Cornwell art of B-29 Supperfortresses, Strictly Super.
– Nancy Hammond, soda server, soda jerk, Walnut Park, California.
– Female war correspondent, Lee Carson, nice piece.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Incident of the Two Bad Czechs.
– Danny Kaye, the Wonder Man actor, he can do everything.
– Movie review of The Clock, with Judy Garland and Robert Walker.
– Trumpet player Cootie Williams.
– LOOK medical clinic, insomnia.