LOOK Magazine – May 13, 1969 – Arab Guerrilla Forces


Magazine Condition Choices :
Poor (Generally Very Good, but missing back cover)


Look Magazine Cover : Arab guerrilla fighters with AK-47 guns.

– Why Israel faces a new war with the Arab guerrilla forces, Palestine National Liberation Movement, Fatah, Popular Liberation Army, Al Saiqa, fedayeen.
– Astrology, fun, fraud or keyhole to the future.
– Jane Fonda, Barbarella becomes a mother.
– Nixon’s big chance, how he can make the Republican party our majority party.
– Why the bitter racial strife over city schools?, big feature
– Jerry L. Avorn gives his views from Columbia University, to be a revolutionary or not?
– Extremely humorous Gillette razors ad showing dismayed looking bald man “Once you start using Gillette Super Stainless Injector Blades it’s very hard to stop” (M page).
– Full page color Downs Quality Carpets ad showing floor and entire sunken seating area carpeted in same pattern (Regional M page).
– Full page color Braniff airline ad with Andy Warhol and Sonny Liston (Regional M page).
– Fashions : cowboy and Indian styles.
– Beautiful black bean soup, recipe, full page color framable photo.
– Movie review : “Sweet Charity” with Shirley MacLaine.
– Barbara Goleman, teacher of the year, Miami Jackson High school, includes photos of Rick Kilpatrick, Walton Seabrooks.
– Honor roll teachers : Richard A. Hanson (Burnsville, Minnesota), George O. Cureton (Morton Street Elementary in Newark), Agnes Hildebrand Wilson (Lincoln in Sumter, South Carolina), and Archie W. Demmert, Blatchley Junior High, Alaska).
– Pants for little girls, as modeled by Phoebe Ungerer, Debbie Dann, Paige St. John, Elizabeth Beyer, Elisabeth Gitelle, Michele Abeles, with Barry Ellsworth.
– Full page color Jantzen swim suits ad with some unusual and bright suits.
– Delaware wrestling star, Jim Austin, Gentle Jim (Regional M pages).
– Home Decorating with trash (thrown out) furniture, Trenny Robb and Lynda Johnson Robb (Regional M pages).
– Jim Brosnan, Frank Robinson, Johnny Sain talk about today’s batters in baseball.
T section, when present, may include the following and more ads :
– Fun two page ad for the Austin America car, with full page photo of John Cramer of Gardner, Kansas.
– Boron, California and the trouble with sonic booms, barber Leo Sparks, includes photo of Floyd Martin in Wade’s Market.
– Four page color Ronson ad with lots of products including lighters.
– Dr. Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, epidemiologists, new disease Kuru.