LOOK Magazine – May 13, 1958 – Bing Crosby


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Bing Crosby and his new, young wife, 30 years younger.

– The new 5 day crash diet (I’m sure it is healthy – ha), high protein cereal diet, first diet created by a computer, IBM 705 Data Processing Machine, includes Pat Mann.
– The Jews in America.
– Feature on Bing Crosby, he talks about his wife, his life, his future, Kathryn Grant.
– Full page color Enjay Butyl ad with nice golfing scene.
– Charming full page Sonotone hearing aid ad with Mr. Murphy.
– Two page color Chevrolet ad with Chevy station wagon in an assault on the Andes with hood sealed shut.
– WOW, neat full page color AC Spark plugs ad with man leaping for joy, “Spring into action.”
– Humorous two page Admiral appliances ad with milkman, Frank Shelley of the Modern Dairy Company, Elgin, Illinois and the James Whitmire family.
– LOOK Magazine applauds the Columbus Jets baseball team, raising money for the Columbus Youth Foundation.
– The demise of the surface Navy, rise of nuclear submarines and atomic-warhead missiles, Barbero submarine, Regulus missile.
– Young Paul Jacobs experiences the joys of spring, Orange Avenue School in Milford, Connecticut, very nice long piece with lots of photos.
– James Riddle Hoffa, Jimmy Hoffa, union leader accused.
– Full page color Canadian Club whisky ad with Laurence Merrill and the Caribbean Donkey Derby.
– Fashions : hot colors with a cool look, GREAT settings, neat photos.
– Television show “American Bandstand” is teenagers favorite.
– The story of religions in America, # 5, the Jews, includes Brit Milah, Mark Ferdman, Mylan Tanzer, Mrs. Addie Perl, Sybil Sandler, Shearith Israel congregation, Charles Bendheim.
– Very cute full page color Tampax ad with same blond woman in four different settings.
– Actress Diane Varsi, Peyton Place, more.
– Really unusual full page color Springmaid Fabrics ad in cartoon form, # 4 in series, artists are Vernon Grant and Millard Sheets.
– The year’s best sports photos include a baseball brawl (basebrawl) between the Dodgers and Cincinnati players, crazy race car crash for MG driver John Lyon, neat photo of Wilt Chamberlain in mid-air warming up for high jump (yup, not basketball), Colorado Springs rodeo and more.