LOOK Magazine – May 13, 1947 – Mickey Rooney


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Lovely photo of woman in colorful summer dress, this is Maggi Long as identified in the Letters to the Editor in LOOK Magazine July 22, 1947.

– What’s wrong with West Point and Annapolis?
– How Europe looks two years after V-E day, Place de la Concorde in Paris, Utah Beach (Normandy), Sanit Lo, Rue de Rivoli, Place de La’ Opera, Cherbourg, Reichstag (Berlin), Charlottenberg, Coventry, Oxford Circus (London), Cassino, Anzio – Then and Now photos.
– Full page Ipana toothpaste ad with ten model mothers with their children, Natalie Reid, Harriett Shepard, Laura O’Banion, Kitty Higgins, Connie Joannes Dickman, Margaret Johnson, Clare Van Syckle, Virginia Swensen, Mary Brewer, Evelyn Condon.
– Short letter and photo pertaining to grave of “The Little Fellow” cared for by Bill Chambrs ad Chicago and Northwestern’s train 106, near Elrod, South Dakota.
– Cute little photo of toddler Rhonda Lee Hunter testing the shower temperature.
– Full page movie poster ad for “They Won’t Believe Me” with Robert Young.
– Charming photos of little George Eckerdt seeing himself in a mirror.
– Photos and stories from Eastern European children, your worst experience during the war.
– Psychoquiz, how romantic are you?
– Prom weekend at Yale, includes Susan Palmer of Wellesley, Chi Psi fraternity, Janet Link, Jean Campbell, Mike Lanin, more.
– Another charming Borden’s dairy ad with cows, “Where do men get their ideas about women?” asks Elsie.
– Full page color United States Brewer’s Foundation beer ad with art by Douglass Crockwell, # 3 in Home Life series.
– Full page Bituminous Coal Institute ad for smokeless smokestacks, non-polluting, art by Felix Schmidt.
– Tests for clairvoyance.
– Color feature, how a race horse trains for the Kentucky Derby, Sea Flasher.
– Is Princess Elizabeth in love?
– Buttons, the lifelike career doll, Dan River Mills sheet advertising gimmick.
– Peter Lind Hayes, goofy mimic.
– Roy Roberts, publisher of the Kansas City Star newspaper.
– Gift suggestions for Mother’s Day for the New American Mother.
– Lauritz Melchior, opera star, “Plays” at Circus Saints and Sinners Club luncheon.
– Full page X-Acto knives ad with Bob Hope.
– Charming full page color Ballantine ale ad with gold panners.
– Mickey Rooney, nice big feature article, with many photos including with Marilyn Maxell in the “Eager Beaver.”
– James MacLane weds German girl, Edelgard Lietz.
– Photos from modern dentistry.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, The Trust of Les Lee.
– Movie Review : The Egg and I.
– Winning singer Sherry Sherwood.
– Happy full page color Wurlitzer Music ad with art by Albert Dorne.
– A Catholic’s answer to planned parenthood – as you might guess, it is a rant piece against Planned Parenthood.