LOOK Magazine – May 10, 1938 – Colored Eggs!


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Woman at breakfast table, contemplating eggs with brightly colored yolks, green and red.  Reminiscent of “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss.

– Reporter Floyd Gibbons, eye patch, reporting in wild places around the world.
– Full page Camel cigarettes ad with Joe Di Maggio, lots of small photos, nice ad.
– Full page Fleischmann’s yeast ad, dietary supplement, includes George Eade and daughter, Hedwig Kerber, Samuel Orr, Mureil Whitcomb.
– How the Dionne quintuplets are disciplined.
– Pulitzer prize-winning cartoons, includes art by Nelson Harding, Rollin Kirby, Charles R. Macauley, Edmund Duffy, Ross A. Lewis, C. D. Batchelor, H. M. Talburt, John T. McCutcheon.
– 150,000 childbirth tragedies every year, mothers dying in childbirth, babies born dead, babies dying within the first day.
– Deep diving ball, diving bell, bathysphere, a sort of tethered submarine for deep sea exploration to 5 miles down, Dr. Auguste Piccard.
– Straight Time, the name for an industrial wage plan implemented by the Hormel meat packing company, includes Claude Moore, Moose Moore, Anna Moore, Archie Van House, Alice Rieser, Mary Chase, Carl MacDougall, H. H. (Tim) Corey, Roy (Ding) Franklin, Fayette Sherman, others, Austin, Minnesota.
– Patrick Lambert of New York is The Canary Doctor, bird veterinarian.
– John Barrymore, has had four wives, and three children already, one of his wives did the famous “How to Undress Before your Husband” film, long feature.
– The South-Sea thriller movie “Her Jungle Love” with Dorothy Lamour and Ray Milland.
– The Hindenburg disaster, one year ago, includes astonishing two page COLOR photo of the airship burning, fabulous.
– A photo review of the book “If War Comes” by Dupuy and Eliot.
– Crazy photo of brick wall falling on workmen in Waterbury, Connecticut.
– Exercising bulls for greater fertility at USDA farm in Beltsville, Maryland.
– The home life of General Goering, Hermann Goering, Germany with wife Emmy Sonneman, Karinhall, includes model railroad.
– Lou Hirshman makes curious portraits of people out of discarded junk.
– Steve Hannagan is a press agent, includes Marta Barnett, Bonnie Edwards (Miss Florida), Jack Dempsey, race car driver Harry Hartz, Bill Bullock, Mitzi Chambers, Gladys Gillette, more.
– William E. Kirk of Hilton, New York figures out how to make chickens lay colored eggs.
– Ray L. Doan’s baseball school in Hot Springs, Arkansas, includes Henry Rudd, Andy Bach, George Barr, Kid Elberfield, Clay Mann, William Hartman, Red Faber, Hank Severeid, Rogers Hornsby.
– Rolling homes, house trailers, travel trailers.
– Better Parenthood week, includes Sidonie M. Gruenberg, Ireene Wicker, Eddie Cantor, Hervey Allen family, Lillian M. Gilbreth.