LOOK Magazine – March 9, 1965 – Liz & Richard


Magazine Condition : Fair (All Good, but has a minor water mark at the spine)

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Look Magazine Cover : Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

– New York Senator Robert Kennedy answers 20 blunt questions, a curious interview.
– 25 pages on the new movie boom, after nudity, what?, much more.
– Bette David, the Pro, actress, includes makeup man Gene Hibbs, Violla Rubber, family, more.
– the New World of Liz and Richard.
– Full page Metropolitan Life insurance ad with family at lighthouse with large three-story stone building attached, winter scene.
– Full page ad for Dr. Salls’ static exercise, with actress Loree Thomas.
– Full page Yamaha motorcycles ad, style, thrift, safety, fun, Regional M page.
– Great full page color Weyerhaeuser ad with Pileated woodpecker and juncos in a tree farm, art by Jack Dumas.
– Full page Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Jean Russell (pianist), M. Fillmore Harty Jr. (industrial designer), William C. Bettendorf Jr. (contractor).
– Movie : The Agony and the Ecstasy, about Michelangelo, Mount Altissimo marble quarry, stonecutters.
– A fun page on home movies.
– Two page color Mobil gas ad with Mrs. James A. Remick of Detroit.
– Garden Springs Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky has innovative non-graded fluid school program, with Larry Sexton, Pam Seward, Roberta Lindberg, Dan Purdom, Larry and Kim Rogers, Margaret Rose.
– A series of four different wonderful full page color Stokely foods ads, one in red, one is yellow, one green, one white.
– A bad moment on Broadway, Poor Richard, Joanna Pettet, Alan Bates.
– The boiled egg, photo, recipes.
– Full page color Cue toothpaste ad, with fluoracton.
– A visit with Congo’s Moise-Kapenda Tshombe, Africa’s most hated man.
– Full page Mutual of New York MONY ad with Paddlewheeler captain Jim Binkley of Fairbanks, Alaska with his stern-wheeler riverboat.
– Fashions : kerchiefs (scarves) as hats, Regional M pages.
– Basketball coach Joe Lapchick, St. John’s University, Jamaica, New York.
– Treasure, piece-of-eight find off Grand Bahama Island, Spanish Mint ship is richest treasure to date, Gary Simmons, Dick Tindall, Jack Slack, Bissell Shaver II.
NOTE : Page 5-6 was a small insert ad card and is not always present.