LOOK Magazine – March 9, 1943 – Dutch Allies


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Woman in Dutch outfit, Candy Jones.

– Wendell Willkie, crusader for peace.
– Beware of the black market!, cheaters and chiselers profit from wartime commodity shortages, OPA Inspector T. W. Mix.
– Fred Allen visits Jack Benny, a funny  piece.
– Full page color Willys jeep ad with asian fighting scene in watercolor, art by James Sessions.
– Small photo of milkman at Dorothy Thompson’s home, her was collecting books for servicemen.
– Full page Association of American Railroads ad with train in winter, engine # 5117.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Double Betrayal.
– LOOK Magazine asks six people “Should women wear uniforms”, Mrs. Frederic Drake (military driver), J.R. Williams (ships cook), Charlotte Schwartz (postal telegraph), Jack Dolph (writer), Milo Anderson (set designer), Rosalind Russell, photos included.
– The Catholics’ war against Hitler, by Edwin Hartrich.
– Full page color Borden’s dairy ad with cows on roller skates, “But think of the rubber you’re saving.”
– Neat photo essay on the Pennsylvania station, railroad, a number of photos of girls saying goodbye to their guys, more.
– The Boeing B-17 airplane, flying fortress, with the personal experience story of a Fortress gunner in action, Donald Grant.
– Spain is strategic in the war against Hitler.
– Photo essay : Gene Tierney playing with her dog Butch at a swimming pool.
– James Bryant Conant, president of Harvard.
– Full page color Fleetwood cigarettes ad.
– Dan Deleo, paratrooper in Tunisia, Parachute combat jumper, art by Albert Dorner, # 20 in LOOK’s American Hero series (Dan DeLeo’s nephew ♥ was pleased to find this coverage).
– Dehydrated milk for our military.
– Ray Rauber is drafted, story followed him into the military, mentions his elopement with Marie Hoch.
– Jockey Conn McCreary, horse racing story – great piece about famous jockey.
– Wartime corsets, girdles.
– Movie Review : Air Force.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with fighter pilot and test pilot Red Hulse.