LOOK Magazine – March 7, 1967 – JFK book, final part


Magazine Condition Choices :


Cover : The Death of a President, part 4 by William Manchester

– Cute full page Imperial Hiram Walker ad of couple in a funky snow vehicle in upper New York, with a beagle coming to greet them.
– Draft dodgers in Canada, they can’t go home again, Gregory Roman, Richard Paterak and Ken Long.
– The quiet revolution in our National Parks, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, beautiful color photo essay by Ernst Haas, many winter scenes, 10 pages.
– Full page color L&M cigarettes ad with winter bow hunter, Regional M page.
– Cabaret is hard-hitting pre-Nazis play on Broadway.
– Paper posh, disposable elegant fashions, fashion photos include Steve McQueen.
– Full page color Diet-rite Cola ad features jazz musician Paul Horn.
– Senator George McGovern says we are losing the race against hunger.
– Radio disc jockey “Cousin Brucie” Bruce Morrow, Regional M pages.
– Whatever became of physical fitness?
– Chairman of National Crime Commission answers some tough questions about crime, by Nicholas deB. Katzenbach.
– Pat Buckley, Oasis for a caustic Conservative.