LOOK Magazine – March 4, 1947 – NY Subway


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Little girl with a calf, could not find a name for her listed in the magazine.

– Full page color General Electric radios ad with Ginny Simms.
– Full page color Parker 51 pens ad with art by Artzybasheff.
– Small photo of James Hope dressed like Valentino.
– Small photo of Tom Palmer of Cheyenne, Wyoming showing part of his Ambidextrous act.
– Charming two page series of photos of boy describing a movie to his friends, Jimmie, photographed by Ruth Orkin perhaps one is her son?
– Why do you wear a mustache, photos and answers from Edward Kahn, Sy Lover, Farmer Gardy Martin, John Jondeleit, Cecil Brown, George Harbaugh of Mountain Home Idaho, Geology James Sloane of Las Vegas.
– Neat full page color Ford ad with ghost cars showing two great engines, V-8 and the new 6.
– Full page color orange movie poster ad for The Fabulous Dorseys.
– How to spot a Communist, by Leo Cherne, Long piece.
– Ginger Rogers meets her in-laws, the Briggs family in Quakerstreet, New York, Otto Heisig, Grace MacDonald, Virginia Elwood Lawton, others in 75 member family.
– Full page color Pepsodent tooth paste ad with what might be Ginger Rogers, no name.
– 4-H clubs, Head, Heart, Hands, Health, a visit with Warren Pope near Linton, Indiana, Donald Pope, Betty Panky, Stockton Hillbillies, Bud Peterson, Teen City town Hall.
– Color center spread of new swim suits, modeled by stars Ava Gardner and Francis Gifford.
– Mrs. George C. Marshall tells about her husband the General.
– Joe Louis tells about his Greatest Fights, boxing, lots of photos of boxing matches.
– 8th in LOOK’s Tragic Death Series, Against the Lights, art by Glen Thomas, pedestrians crossing road against the light.
– Swedish actress Viveca Lindfors.
– New York city subway, neat piece of actual usage, Grand Central Station.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Sightless eyes of murder.
– Small photos and mentions of armless bowler Harold A. Carlson, Harry Henry Kramer of Greenville doing stunts on an Ordinary High Wheel bicycle, Frank Reit being lowered to safety while strapped to a stretcher, Albert Price’s horse on exhibit in court.
– Movie review, Stairway to Heaven.
– Choir director Robert Shaw.
– LOOK medical clinic, fatigue and mental fatigue.
– Adrian B. Tolley has handwriting so good that he addresses White House invitations.
– Full page color 7up 7-up Fresh up ad, father and son making bird houses.