LOOK Magazine – March 31, 1959 – Pope John 23rd


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Pope John XXIII

– How Pope John’s changes at the Vatican may affect the Christian world.
– Full page Hiram Walker Whisky ad with three men curling.
– Half page B&W ad for Disney’s “The Shaggy Dog” movie with Fred MacMurray.
– Oklahoma Governor Raymond Gary says the South can integrate its schools.
– The big farm surplus problem.
– Professor Richard Jessor, University of Colorado at Boulder, says task of professor is to help people become what they ought to be and could be. Feature story with many photos of academic and family life, rock climbing on Tomato Rock, real rock climbing (may be Flatirons) with Bob Jacobs.
– White leather is new spring fashion.
– Norman Vincent Peale answers readers’ questions.
– Basketball All America : Bob Boozer, Kansas State; Jerry West, West Virginia; Al Seiden, St. John’s; Oscar Robertson, Cincinnati; Lou Pucillo, North Carolina State; Bailey Howell, Mississippi State; Tom Hawkins, Notre Dame; Johnny Green, Michigan State; Bob Ferry, St. Louis; John Cox, Kentucky.
– Color photo feature by Arthur Rothstein, Herbs in the Garden and Herbs in the Kitchen.
– Steve Allen’s autobiography, “It’s Easy to be Funny,” with photos.
– Full page color Ford Edsel ad, white car in Mexico with family of six.
– Stan Hunt, Larry Reynolds, Chon Day cartoons.
– Brigitte Bardot’s first husband Roger Vadim takes new wife who looks similar, Annette Stroyberg, photos of all.
– Interview feature with Robert L. Frost.
– “I am a horse,” charming photo feature of 8-year-old Mary Zimmerman of Westport, Connecticut playing at being a horse with her friends.
– Minor league umpire : the Toughest job in Baseball, Tom Ravashiere, with photos from Binghamton, New York game.