LOOK Magazine – March 28, 1950 – T-shirts


Magazine Condition Choices :
Very Good



LOOK Magazine Cover : Marjorie Winters with dachshund dog.

– Full page Licensed Beverage Industries ad with Hudson K. Mason, 255 Battle Avenue, White Plains, New York.
– Famous swimmer Esther Williams teaches her 5-months-old son to swim.
– Hungry and frightened children of war-torn Europe are finding new homes in child-rescue villages, Trogan, Switzerland.
– Inside FDR, John Gunter writes about Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
– The Gilfillan medical clinic, Bloomfield, Iowa, Dr. Gilfillan and his six doctor sons, Joe Bender, Marcella Kyser.
– Theater kids, child actors, Barbara Luna, Betty Lou Keim, Iris Mann, Herbert Coleman, David Cole, Johnny Stewart, Julie Harris, David Rosen, Brandon de Wilde, Elayne Richards, William Davidson, Judson Rees, Michael DeLeon.
– Don’t kid yourself about pensions, the problems.
– Charles DeMuth, early modern American artist, has his biggest show.
– Easter hats.
– Are you the same woman your husband married?
– Dog Konrad von Wesdell of Nashville, Tennessee wins dog food company contest, dachshund, Thomas P. Wall, fun long piece.
– Leo Rosten writes humorously about Groucho Marx.
– LOOK Magazine All-America basketball team.
– The TV quiz show “Quick as a Flash”, Bill Cullen.
– Helen Hayes returns to Broadway.
– The new teenage rage, the T-shirt.
– Southern Catholics fight race hatred, racism, Selma, Alabama, Bishop Thomas J. Toolen.
– Movie review of “Young man with a horn.”
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Death shoots the picture.