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LOOK Magazine Cover : Six former LOOK Magazine covers from September 24, 1940, April 22, 1941, March 18, 1947, April 12, 1949, November 22, 1949, and May 9, 1950.

– Two page Robert Hall clothing ad.
– Full page Pepsodent tooth paste ad with Arthur Godfrey.
– Full page color Fatima cigarettes ad with Paul Henry.
– Cute full page color Life Savers ad for Butterscotch flavor with Scottish theme.
– What is wrong with Texas, a humorous piece by Stanley Walker, with drawings by Jossel.
– Two page color ad for Aero Willys car in red.
– LOOK applauds Earle H. Daniel, who is an expert on prosthetics and has helped thousands of amputees to walk.
– Full page International Nickel Company INCO ad with art of a dredge by John Clymer, flood control by straightening rivers.
– The world that Henry Ford made, horseless carriage, Model A, Model T, history of early Ford cars.
– Patricia McCormick is a lady matador, bull fighter, trains with Alejandro del Hierro.
– Half page Royal Triton motor oil ad with Pete Thompson who has just been in a car wreck (minor).
– Wild see-through hats for spring fashion.
– Full page color Liquid Petals cream perfume ad.
– Lili Pons and Andre Kostelanetz give a crazy party in their New York Penthouse suite.
– Safe and sane canasta.
– All America basketball team.
– 24 pages of photos from LOOK Magazine’s first 15 years – a really nice collection of photos from 1937 through 1952.
– Sam Jones’ country store at Church Creek, Maryland, the worst-kept crossroads emporium, a super story with good photos.
– Full page color movie poster ad for “Rancho Notorious” with Marlene Dietrich.
– Half page Bromo-seltzer ad with football player Glenn Davis.
– Full page 1952 Dodge car ad with Chet and Virginia Davis and son Jimmy.
– Full page color Max Factor ad with Debbie Reynolds.
– Full page color Lustre-Creme shampoo ad with June Allyson.
– Movie Review of “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, County Mayo.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Death in the Bathtub.
– Full page color 7up Fresh up ad with family at open refrigerator, with little boy upending bottle, including the tiniest tots.