LOOK Magazine – March 22, 1955 – Racist Mississippi


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LOOK Magazine Cover : Judy Garland and Bing Crosby (movie awards article).

– Humorous full page color Gleem toothpaste ad with two workmen eating lunch out of lunch boxes.
– Full page color Blue Cross insurance ad with Ralph G. Barnes of East Providence, Rhode Island telling about the 65 trips to the hospital with his girls.
– Two page movie poster ad for “Chief Crazy Horse” with list of many of the theaters showing it.
– LOOK magazine applauds Tobe Coller Davis, fashion predictor.
– Interesting two page color Chevrolet ad, Motoramic, with 12 different “stamps” showing places to go with your car.
– What are we worried about?, report to the American people, part 1, by Samuel A. Stouffer.
– Medical student Glenn Reynolds, gets polio and is now a doctor operating out of a wheelchair.
– A wave of terror threatens the south, racism, the Citizen’s council fights the ban on segregation, could become a new Ku Klux Klan, Sunflower county, Mississippi, more (follow-up piece in LOOK Magazine June 28, 1955).
– Religions series, Americans who do not go to church or have a church, 40.5 percent.
– Cute full page Post Sugar Crisp cereal ad with three bears and blueberries.
– Snow trails, skiing in the west, includes great color photos of skiers at Mount Hood, Squaw Valley, Sun Valley, including Willie Helming, Art Audett, Clifford Smith, Taina Elg, Jack Sernas, Pat Maham.
– Unusual full page color Schlitz beer ad in color, but with man in purple.
– St. Patrick’s day in Ireland, George McDermott, Swinford.
– Actress Polly Bergen, now a star on television, Home Town Jamboree.
– Full page color Four Roses whiskey ad with skiing art by Paul Sampler, sunset at Lake Placid.
– Arnold Johnson is Baseball’s most exciting owner, Kansas City Athletics.
– Two page United Aircraft corporation ad, one page is art by Dormont of people boarding a plane.
– The Dollar-a-day diet.
– Fashions : matching ensembles.
– Neat comparison of old and new furniture styles that are very similar.
– Fashions : white for high school students, Franklin High School in Seattle.
– LOOK magazine’s annual movie awards.
– Full page International Nickel company INCO ad with new snow cat for traveling to remote places in winter, art of one going to buried train.
– Full page color Pepsi-Cola are with art of woman in evening dress, Figures Show, art by Buckham.
– Martha Raye, singer, dancer, clown.
– All American basketball team.
– Quotes from Charles E. Wilson, the Secretary of Defense.
– Little Mike Cotton is at Georgia Military Academy in College Park, Georgia, cute piece, yes, but who would do this to such a young child?!
– Another neat Fresh Up 7up ad that is part color, part black and white.