LOOK Magazine – March 21, 1967 – Flying Saucers


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Very Good



Look Magazine Cover : Surgeons and special directed light.

– The big change in medical care, talks about socialized care, other countries, more.
– Is Nazism surfacing again?
– Full page color Plymouth station wagon ad with crewing teams, rowers.
– New York’s Republican mayor John Lindsay.
– Flying saucers, why the Pentagon finally called on scientists for help, includes another Quintanilla (how’s that for coincidence in a single issue).
– Full page color Armour Parti style ham ad.
– Two half page ads for Wheel Horse, riding lawn mowers.
– Dinner at the Quintanillas, Sara and Luis Quintanilla, Mexico City, recipes.
– Beautiful full page color red and white Ford Fairlane GT Hardtop ad with skiing theme.
– United States medical care article includes Dr. John Sbarbaro of Denver, Colorado, Linda Cruz, Juanita Zamora, Dino Medina, Kenneth Salas, Harold Meacham, Marie Thompson, Esther Eicher, Dolores Martinez, Sara Harmon.
– Full page color Volkswagen bug ad with floating car.
– Crisis in Britain’s health plan after 19 years of socialized medicine, London’s Central Middlesex hospital, F. Avery Jones, Michael Clarke, Alfred Witherall, Amy Lyon.
– Editorial : the real issue is our right to be healthy.
– Actress Julie Christie, Far From the Maddening Crowd, filmed in Abbotsbury, some of the locals were in the film too, includes neat photo of hovering camera helicopter over old scene.
– Companion article to above, the strange empty success of Julie Christie, she is fearful and unhappy.
– All American basketball, includes Lew Alcindor, Jimmy Walker, Bob Verga, others.
– Larry Rivers and his living room and the rest of his Manhattan loft, Regional M page.
– Baby-sitter’s bonanza, Lucy Burns, Christine Carl, two months travel in Europe.
– Full page color Canadian Club whiskey ad with Ski-sailing in the Austrian Tyrol, Toni Walkner, skiing with a large cape to catch the air.