LOOK Magazine – March 21, 1944 – WACs


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : WAC Air Force sergeant woman using a theodolite, painted by Carolyn Edmundson.

– Nice full page color Nash Kelvinator ad with wounded soldier on stretcher, “Can’t Keep a Good man Down.”
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with Waist gunners of a Flying Fortress.
– Very unusual half page Pepsi-Cola ad that is cartoon art by O. Soglow.
– Lovely full page Bell telephone ad with the girl in the Business Office.
– Really neat story of Sergeant Gilbert Henze who had to learn to fly in mid-air.
– Photocrime – The model murder (solve it yourself).
– Meet the People includes Edward Wilisch, James McGovern, Roy Prince, Reynell Parkins, Helen Temple and others.
– Eisenhower’s invasion team.
– WACs on holiday in Canada, includes nice skiing photo, Pat Davis, Agnes Bard, James Downey, others.
– Warnings to parents of dangers to children in the home.
– The D. V. Gilliland family and the Heinz Fremont plant.
– Will the second front crush Hitler? Includes some great color art.
– Escape from a prison train, Carl R. Bayne and Julian M Quarles.
– Indiana basketball, Anderson town, Joe Anderson, Johnny Wilson, others.
– Claudette Colbert’s three suits.
– Teamwork on the rubber front, Neches Butane Products Company.
– Nice full page color Western Electric ad with art by Paul Rabut.