LOOK Magazine – March 17, 1959 – Steve Allen


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Very Good


LOOK Magazine Cover : Steve Allen (feature inside)

– The Nazis’ human Guinea Pigs, Auschwitz, nasty stories, Krystyna, Pelagia, Halina, Jadwiga, Zofia, Jamina, Lapins.
– Little Rock from the inside, Newport meeting, by Brooks Hays.
– Very nice full page color Bell Telephone ad with kids waiting to talk to Grandma, signed, might be Briggs.
– Full page Elgin watch ad with water skier Buster McCalla, golfer Barbara Romack.
– Full page ad for Pream, instant creamer for coffee.
– Susan Riddell, the most beautiful girl in Ireland.
– Full page color Portland Cement Association ad for new kind of concrete for highways.
– Voting in Georgia, includes George Norris, Wade Campbell.
– Photos taken from a Hollywood window, includes Marilyn Monroe, much more.
– Two page color relocation ad for Port Charlotte, Florida, Mackle communities.
– Commercial aviation, competition in jets, Soviety TU-104, Boeing 707, Comet 4, French Cavelle, Douglas DC-8, French Alouette helicopter.
– Neat full page color Ford ad with red Custom 300 at a sale.
– Humorous series of photos in color showing woman changing into swimming suit in public at the French Riviera, Betty Pederson.
– Tom Meany’s 1959 baseball preview, includes Mickey Mantle.
– Apartment house living, Dominique and Alexandra Gignoux in New York.
– Meet the archbishop of controversy, Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Fisherisms.
– American Institute for Foreign Trade in Phoenix, trains the upcoming diplomats of free enterprise, includes Bill and Nancy Wolfe.
– How our Air Force “invaded” Russia, by Captain George E. Johns, Operation Frantic.
– Cartoons from Virgil Partch show how to tell if you are Uncouth, Average or A Gentleman.
– The story behind the paintings of Botticelli, with full page color reproduction of part of Primavera.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Lobster Fishermen in Boothbay Harbor, Maine (Men of America series).