LOOK Magazine – March 16, 1948 – Underpinnings


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Cute little girl holding puppy, Barbara McMillan.

– Full page Ipana toothpaste ad with Betty Brookfield and her two children.
– Full page Bituminous coal ad with miner working with large drill in close quarters.
– Curious piece and photos debunking how high the Watussi tribesmen of Ruanda can high-jump, Klaver, Les Steers, Rwanda.
– How has having the same name as a movie star affected you?, answers from and photos of George Burns (policeman), Elizabeth Taylor (housewife), Frank Morgan (Crane operator), Fred Allen (radio executive), Charles Boyer (aircraft worker), Joan Crawford (homemaker), Frank Sinatra (circulation man), Anne Sheridan (beautician), Dick Powell (purchasing agent), Harold Lloyd (truck driver with missing teeth), Robert Taylor (aircraft inspector), Esther Williams (cafeteria worker).
– Small photos on news items including truck with sign “Blind man drives this truck” (Arrowhead Venetian blind company), Detroit traffic offenders having to go to the hospital to view victims, more.
– Full page Pepperell’s chambray shirts ad with neat art of zebras.
– Dancers Marge and Gower Champion, Marjorie Bell.
– Full page color Servel gas refrigerator ad with snapshot of family with four kids, no name.
– When will Russia have the atomic bomb?
– Embassy party, masquerade costume ball given by Oscar Ivanissevich, the Argentine Ambassador to the US, includes very nice photo of Don Fernando Gaitan and William Emery and Sally Tripp.
– Actor Henry Fonda brings “Mister Roberts” to Broadway.
– How does the national income split out among the population?
– WOW : two page color movie poster ad for “Fort Apache.”
– Actress Joan Fontaine, nice feature, Bill Dozier.
– Miss America goes to the Methodist Youth Conference, Barbara Jo Walker, Larry Eisenberg.
– Full page color Budweiser ad with art by Walter Richards, third president was our first spaghetti maker.
– Baseball manager Joe McCarthy, Boston Red Sox, and Billy Southworth, manager of the Boston Braves.
– Full page color U.S. military recruiting ad with art by Peter Hurd, Task Force Furnace, Arizona desert.
– Half page color Schutter’s Old Nick candy bar ad, art by Cassell.
– Louis Fischer writes about living with Gandhi.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with boat racer Vic Scott.
– Full page photo of a little boy meeting a giraffe.
– The new figure, underpinnings, girdles and such.
– Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad, # 14 in series, A Snack after the movies, art by Stevan Dohanos.
– The Welsh Corgi dog.
– Arthur Godfrey’s talent scouts air new talents on the radio.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Death in a flash.
– Movie Review of “The Naked City.”
– Full page color Ballantine Ale ad with wonderful art of a cowboy.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Claudette Colbert.