LOOK Magazine – March 13, 1951 – Sun Valley Ski Resort


Magazine Condition Choices :


LOOK Magazine Cover : Bob Hope and Bette Davis (the large photo), stocking-veil hat, basketball player Bill Spivey.

– Fancy full page color Nash Airflyte car in yellow with red top, looks like art by says Photography by Sarra.
– LOOK reports, College Draft Deferment Plan.
– Cute full page Ethyl gas ad with art comparing a Bass and a Basset Hound.
– Humorous little letter and photo from Gene Rayburn and Dee Finch, they have created a spoof issue of LOOK related to the article about Bernice Judis in LOOK magazine February 27, 1951.
– Nice colorful full page Mars Bar chocolate ad with man hefting big chocolate bar.
– Lilli Palmer and Rex Harrison don’t have any privacy anymore, Bell, Book and Candle, and the Lilli Palmer Show.
– Married women live longer than single women.
– Pretty full page color Florida Fashions ad for seven different lovely dresses.
– LOOK applauds Olive Ann Beech, head of Beech Aircraft Corporation.
– How the Politburo thinks, Russian politics and politicians, written by Leo Rosten.
– VERY cool article about Sun Valley ski resort, the boom in skiing, includes Bette Kennedy, Forrest MacMullen, the Alpine club, artist sketching skiers, W. P. Rogers, Baldy Mountain Round House, Jim Griffith, series showing ski patrol rescue of injured skier, sleigh ride, Van Johnson, Dollar Mountain, ski school director John Litchfield leading a group of kids, Tom Harrison, Fred T. Kolouch and family, Baldy ski lift and more – neat ski history piece.
– Roy Kammerman tells us how to save money now on our next income tax.
– Full page color Pennsylvania Railroad ad with neat art of railroad engineer and men building open ore cars.
– Full page color Schlitz beer ad with man who has painted himself into a kitchen corner, happily the one by the beer, art by Albert Dorne.
– Fashions, Men’s new natural look.
– Neat fashion piece of hat veils made of pink-tinged nylon stockings.
– Interesting ad Palmers Ltd. telling you to order London-tailored skirts direct from London now because the pound is currently devalued, Gor-Ray skirts.
– Two page color International Furniture Company ad with several samples of stuffed livingroom sets.
– Coach Adolph Rupp of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team.
– Art collector Richard Goetz and his notable collection.
– The Washington Senators’ baseball team has eight players from Cuba, the others are learning Spanish, a cute and humorous piece.
– Very nice full page color Havoline Motor Oil ad with art of skier and ice skater.
– How Buncombe county, North Carolina wins its fight for better schools, includes Jack Smith, Gaylord Davis, Dr. L. O. Miller, Louis Lipinsky, James Gore King McClure, kids walking through the boiler room on the way to their lunch room, Latin class meeting in bus, Leicester Colored School, T. C. Roberson.
– Very nice full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad with art by Douglass Crockwell, 52 in series, Men’s night in the kitchen.
– Dope is menacing our youth, drug addicts, big photo of eyes with really dilated pupils, marijuana.
– Full page color Canada Dry ginger ale ad with woman in red drum majorette outfit, Mary Hartline.
– Two page ad for Hamlet on the radio, NBC.
– LOOK annual movie awards, Bette Davis, James Stewart, Gloria Swanson, Darryl Zanuck, Judy Holliday, Marlon Brando, Stanley Kramer, Joseph Mankiewicz, Robert Surtees, Phil Chakeres, others.
– Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with John Wayne.
– Full page color Effanbee Dolls ad with talking doll NOMA in pink and black.
– International Kaffee-Klatsch, National Coffee Association meeting in Boca Raton, Florida, includes Alella Pepper, Gracie Barrie, Bill Williamson, Lois Bream, Stanley Beaman, fishing guide for sailfish, more.
– Photocrime, solve it yourself, Here’s Howe!
– Full page American Petroleum Institute ad for searching for oil from the air, new technology.
– Full page color Schenley whiskey ad with Louis Hayward.
– Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Donna Redd and John Derek.