LOOK Magazine – March 10, 1964 – President Johnson


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Look Magazine Cover : President Lyndon Johnson.

– The Johnsons in the White House.
– After the shots, the ordeal of Lyndon Johnson after JFK was assassinated.
– A Negro’s view, Johnson can free the south, by Louis E. Lomax.
– Charming full page color Bell Telephone ad with art of toddler on sled, We’re on our way; see you soon!
– Full page color Oldsmobile ad with F-85 station wagon at bobsled competition.
– A fun feature article on Danish girls, includes Lotte Holm, Hanne Ljungberg, Yvonne Ingdal.
– Teaching at the nursery school, Julie Rogers and other kids at the City and Country School of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, George and Annemarie Roeper.
– Guitarist Juan Serrano, musician, gourmet (with recipes).
– Governor Scranton and Governor Romney, Republican Hopefuls.
– Brian Sternberg, pole vaulter, then quadriplegic.
– Fashion : soccer shirts, Regional pages.
– Actress Tammy Grimes.
– Cute full page color Kool-Aid ad with kids dressed as pirates, green.